What You Need to Know About Mexican Car Insurance

August 23, 2017

Most people take utmost care when buying auto insurance in the US or Canada but less attention when buying insurance for travel to Mexico. It is in your best interest plan a head for the insurance before taking an all-important trip to Mexico.

It is ideal to travel via bus when you go to Mexico. However, you need to cover more ground so you want to bring in your truck.

The truth is the liability of the US auto insurance policy will have no legal bearing in Mexico.

Purchasing Guidelines: Mexican car insurance

  • The fact of the matter is should there be a claim understand how the company backing up your policy will pay you.

    • You can obtain an auto insurance cover on short-term or long term basis depending on your needs.
    • Choose a reputable Mexican Insurance Company
    • Know the differences between US and Mexican insurance policies
    • Purchase a policy from a rated insurance company.
    • Make sure the Mexican insurer display their insurance license
    • Shop online and get the best Mexican insurance
    • What type of policy do you need? The liability policy covers third party claims – injuries you cause or damages
    • How much liability coverage do you need? The least recommended amount is $50,000. It is even better if you can afford a higher limit.

    Coverage Options for your travel plan to Mexico

    You have three kinds of coverage levels based on your requirements. And you are good to go.

    1. Basic: covers liability, medical payments, legal and travel assistance,
    2. Standard: covers basic together with collision and theft
    3. Extended: Covers both basic and standard besides partial theft, fixed deductibles, US repair, and vandalism.

    Types of vehicles covered

    • Vans policies
    • Trailers
    • Boats
    • SUVs
    • Pickups
    • Motorcycles

    How to make claims from a Mexican car insurance company

    The process is rather similar to a US insurer. If you lose your car please report it immediately and the insurance company will commence the investigation.

    In the case of repairs, the claims adjuster makes an appointment with the shop responsible for repairs. File the claims while you are still in Mexico before you return to the US.

    Mexican car insurance cost cover

    The cost of the cover varies by reason. Obtain your quote before you leave for Mexico. It takes just a few minutes to get a cheap Mexican auto insurance online. Many of the policies are written on a day-to-day rate.

    Other factors that determine the cost of insurance include the following;

    • Make and model of your vehicle. Some models have a higher risk of theft.
    • Year of manufacture
    • The value of your car
    • Are you hauling anything example a trailer?
    • Preferred coverage
    • Which cities are visiting in Mexico? In some cities, the crime rate is high so escalating the possibility of theft.

    Lastly, the cost of insurance is higher at the border make prior arrangements to get the cover as cheaply as possible. Perform a background check on the insurance company you want to engage.

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