Why Are Online Animations So Effective?

Online animations are used in a variety of ways. They’re frequently used as marketing tools or to explain complicated products or services. They’re also used in e-Learning to train employees, and they can be used in a traditional education setting.

Why are they used in so many ways? Because they work.

What is it about whiteboard and digital animations that make them so effective in resonating and connecting with diverse audiences? The following are some of the reasons animations tend to work well in business and education.

Simplifying the Complex

One of the biggest advantages of animated videos is the fact that they can easily tell a story or highlight the features and benefits of even the most complex product or service in a way that’s simple and easy to understand.

Whether you’re introducing a complicated training idea to your employees or you’re a tech company who wants to broaden your marketing to a non-technical audience, animations can deliver value.

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Animations can say a lot very quickly and in a direct way that’s going to be within the grasp of the widest variety of people.

Text Replacement

Web copy, blogs, whitepapers and other forms of text have their place in digital marketing and also employee training and learning, but they’re not the only options. Some people like reading blocks of text and that’s their preferred way to learn or understand the concept, but with animation videos, you can replace or complement written text.

This is a time-saver for your audience, and it can be more entertaining and stick with the viewers for longer.

With a lot of text, it can be tough to get the key point of your message across, while with animation videos it’s easy to highlight key points. Good online animations also tend to have some features in common, including progressive storytelling.

Evoking Emotions

For people to really comprehend and digest a message, they need to have some sort of emotional response to the content.

That’s difficult to achieve with text, but not so much with animations. With an animation, it’s much easier to evoke an emotional response, whether it’s happiness, sadness, excitement or something else. You can essentially tell the viewer what to feel with how you build the narrative.

Animations Are Shareability

Going viral might not be a priority when you’re creating employee training or educational content, but if you’re marketing a product or service being shareable is probably one of your top considerations. Animations are one of the most shared bits of content you’re going to see online, and they improve conversions in addition to being one of the top types of content that go viral. Animations are easy to link to, and since they require very little time to watch, people on social media like them.

Still not convinced? A few other reasons animation videos are optimal in so many ways is because they’re short and to-the-point. With most lasting no longer than three minutes, you’re going to maintain the attention of your audience easily. They’re also fun to watch, and people tend to love animated characters for whatever reason.