Why Avaya Scopia Dubai Is Best In Video Conferencing

It is said that technology has made the world a smaller place. Technology is harmless when used in the right sense and it is a boon that brings comfort to our lives like never before. According to an article released by List Crux, the number one reason of people travelling to faraway places is work. How many times have you wished to spare the time and cost of travelling to far-off places for a meeting? Well, Video Conferencing Systems from Avaya Scopia Dubai provides the best platform for conducting meetings, building professional relations and sharing ideas with people near and far.

Video conferencing and its benefits

The advantages of video conferencing over conventional meetings are numerous. There is an immense saving of time that the travel to faraway places consume. There is no denying that attending conferences in other countries burn a hole in your wallet. Saving the time and cost of travel is a major reason why companies should opt for video conference meetings. It helps in instant sharing of ideas, with no time lag due to limitations like not being present in the meeting physically.

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What does it bring?

Video Conferencing Systems of Avaya Scopia Dubai bring you the best in-class technology for conducting video conferences. You can be a member of a meeting going on in some other part of the world without leaving the comfort of your office. Sounds congenial, doesn’t it?

The other benefit of Avaya Scopia Dubai is that it provides you Video Conferencing Systems to optimise your productivity. How can you be productive enough if you’re homesick? You can feel the presence of your family wherever you are. Video conferencing thus makes families more close and work more comfortable.

Why Avaya Scopia Dubai?

Avaya Scopia Dubai brings you high quality video and lifelike audio that makes you feel like you’re present there in-person. Resolutions up to 1080p/60fps, H.264 High Profile and Scalable Video Coding (SVC) bring you a stark, undisturbed video and the wide stellar band provides optimum efficiency in data transportation. Error minimisation and quick recovery are other major highlights.

Avaya Scopia XT Telepresence is the best platform for video conferencing and is also cost-effective and quite affordable. If you’re not sure about what you need, try consulting Avaya Scopia Dubai to find the best advice for purchasing just what fits your need and budget with their expert knowledge and service.