Why Moving from Excel to Web Applications is Important Today

Many companies rely on excel spreadsheets because of the ease that comes with using them. They are easy to make, edit and even comprehend. There is no limit to the number of ways you can use them. From compiling to analyzing data, the spreadsheets have become a useful resource for many companies, but they have their downsides too. This is because they lack the versatility today’s technology conscious user demands. Here are some of the reasons moving from excel to web applications is important.

The Security Issue
As you may have realized, you cannot be assured of tight security over your documents even when you create a password for the excel application. Anyone can hack the system and get access to the information fast. Even without any prior experience, you can Google how to hack an excel application and do it quite easily. This calls for a more secure application, especially when dealing with sensitive information or documents. You do not want critical information leaking or vital documents stolen just because an application’s security level is low. 

You Can Not Automate the Process
You have to key in every information you want to update manually. This means that every time there are changes to be done, you have to do this yourself.  When different people have to do this before consolidating the spreadsheet, it can be tedious. Turning excel to web application can make this process easier. It can automatically detect and record updates. Also, the need to key in the same information into different spreadsheets will be minimized if not eliminated.

The Risk of Losing Important Data
It is easy to make mistakes when using spreadsheets. Also, when you have to share the information and expect others to make changes, it might be a problem consolidating all the sheets and updating the information efficiently. This might be costly to the business. It can even lead to loss of revenue. Other than money, crucial information can be lost on the way. Web applications allow different users to make the necessary changes and edits on the document at the same time. There is real-time updating of every change made. People can access the application and work on the document without interfering with each other. This is convenient and also saves time. There is no need to consolidate all the changes because the application makes automatic updates.

Turning from Excel to web applications is the way to go for any technology conscious business. The ease and speed of use make them a must-have. The process is not complicated and is something everyone in the company can adapt to fast. You can even create the applications yourself limiting the need to rely on spreadsheets.