Why You Should Invest in Social Media Marketing in 2017

Depending on which side you are, social media management for small businesses could be the next big thing which must be taken advantage of or just a buzzword with a steep and a complicated learning curve and yet has no practical advantages.

Because social media marketing appeared rather quickly in the marketing space, some people still believe that it is a passing marketing interest and hence unprofitable. However, looking at the statistics, a different picture is emerging.

Hubspot found that in 2014, 92% of the marketers acknowledged the importance of social media marketing in their businesses. Social Media Examiner on the other hand claims that 97% of marketers are currently involved in social media. The numbers keep Climbing and its high time you too got engaged for the benefit of your small business.

Enhanced Brand Recognition

Social media networks give you the platform to make your brand’s voice heard. This is extremely important because it makes it easier for you to interact and gain new customers. When prospects become familiar with your brand, they are more likely to purchase from you and even share your story within their circles. Building your brand equity is an endeavor worth investing in.

Opportunities to Convert

Every post that you do on social media is an opportunity for your business to convert. The beauty with social media marketing is that it helps you build a following of both new and old customers and interact with them. Every video, image, comment, or post that you share on social media is an opportunity for your audience to react and this could mean a site visit and a conversion.

Increased Inbound Traffic

Without effective social advertising, the people coming to your website will be those that are already familiar with your business and brand and probably individuals searching for keywords that you are currently ranking for.

Every social media platform you add is a channel that leads traffic back to your site. The more quality content you post and share on social media, the more traffic and conversions on your site.

Decreased Marketing Costs

Most marketers have discovered that social media marketing is not as costly in terms of resources and time as the mainstream advertising channels. If you can just set aside one hour every day to do your content and syndication strategy, you may start seeing the positive results of your efforts. Even paid advertising is not as expensive as long as your goals and objectives are clear and you choose the right social media packages.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Search engine optimization is the best way to capture traffic from search engines. However, the requirements keep on shifting and updating your blog and optimizing meta descriptions and title tags is no longer enough to get the ranking you want.

Social media audience engagement is a significant brand signal to search engines that your business is credible, legitimate, and trustworthy. This means having a strong social media presence that incorporates your keywords can help you build a fire brand with exceptional search engine rankings.