Wix Answers: create your own helpdesk and support centre for free

These days, you cannot call yourself a legitimate company if you don’t have a help desk software for your clients to turn to in case they encounter any issues or in case they don’t understand any part of your business process.

While outsourcing helpdesk support tasks is an option many companies acquire, this can be costly and it can also take quite some time to fully finalize the process. That’s why, if you have your own company, it’s better for you to handle all incoming requests directly, especially in the beginning, when you are still in the process of growing your clientele.

Having a proper, efficient helpdesk and online support system enables you to eliminate any sort of misunderstandings, helps answering questions and handle all sorts of errors of other nature which can affect the quality of the services you provide. Now, Wix Answers offers you the chance to set up your own all-round support system and what’s even better: it’s free to start.

Let’s see all the services of WIX Answers and how you can set it up for your clients to use it in the future.

The key features of Wix Answers Customer Support:

  • Online FAQ and Help Centre including the creation of a knowledge base
  • Ticket management system
  • Call centre
  • Performance Reports and statistics

Advantages of WIX Answers

The software has been specifically set up for businesses who are looking for a quick and effective way to handle all sorts of incoming customer requests. It’s been specifically designed in a way that it won’t require any specific coding skills for anyone to set it up and handle it. It would provide great integration with your website, your social network profiles and it would be able to effectively handle incoming messages and calls from multiple sources. If you upload your knowledge base per topic and edit your F.A.Q segment, your ticketing system will also be able to offer automatic resolutions taken from knowledgebase according to the exact issue. The SEO metrics will help you get to see where the majority of your traffic comes from and will enable you to improve your services and website accordingly. The daily, weekly, monthly reports based on the nature of question or error reported will also help you determine the overall quality of your services and website too.  

How does it work?

  • First of all you will need to register on the WIX Answers Website and as soon as you are done, you are ready to go.

  • As soon as you are in, you will see the four key segments in the left side column:
    • The knowledge base: where you will upload all service related information, help documentation and error recovery workarounds. Your FAQ section will also be based on your knowledge base
    • Ticket List: this is the section where all incidents will be dealt with. The incidents can be configured to arrive through 4 key channels: via contact form (on your website), Email, Widget and Facebook. It is created in a way to provide you with an easy overview of all the incoming and assigned incidents, you will also be able to see who is assigned to handle a specific task. With the help of Labels, Related Articles you can instantly see if there is a resolution or workaround related to the incident raised.
    • The Analytics section: this will help you a great deal when it comes to seeing your incidents, the resolution rate, the sources of incidents and it will also give you SEO related statistics, which can help you define the quality of your services and website and help you see where you should improve and focus on to provide better services.
    • Team Members: this is the section where you can add and configure team members who are to handle incidents at your company. The membership works through an invitation system. Later on you can configure permissions for every team member as to what they can do and see in the system.

The additional Settings section helps you set up your website or configure your existing website with Wix Answers. In lack of website, you will get your own domain on Wix Answers. You can also integrate your logos, labels and fully customize your support desk with the help of the templates provided. You can always see your setup progress with the help of „View Help Centre” functionality.

Setup your SEO preferences under Domain and SEO section where you can also connect your Wix Answers profile with your existing website. In the „Advanced” section you will get the chance to proceed with further fine tuning steps, in order to make sure, that the data transfer works as efficiently as possible between your website, your social media sites and can also setup the key language used for support.

We can really suggest you to try Wix Answers as it can really provide you with a quick and handy solution for having your own support helpdesk and you literally have nothing to lose as it’s free to start.