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Extreme Sportsbook offers its players a platform for placing bets without the middleman and without a house edge. The potential for mistrust between the players and the house will be completely removed from the equation using an incentive inspired blockchain Proof-Of-Stake trust protocol. This disruptive improvement to the wagering industry presents a unique opportunity for people that do not favor hypocritical government regulation.

XSports is a blockchain betting platform with no middleman and no house edge.

It completely eliminates the mistrust between the players by implementing intelligent, cutting-edge technologies. Incentivized block rewards instead of profiting from the house edge means the player has fewer hands in the cookie jar. Blockchain accountability makes trusting the people involved unnecessary. Less temptation, less abuse.


XSPORTS.io uses Proof-of-Stake as a method of consensus to validate its data. It is less energy-gluttonous than any other validation method in the industry. It is also the most secure.

XSPORTS.io is the first platform to provide these mechanisms in the industry of betting. Compared to that, regular non-blockchain betting platforms are Stone Age at best.

The Whitepaper explains the flaws of the gambling industry and proposes the way to solve them:

“Aside from these critical flaws, there are other areas that these systems fall short in. For example, users must rely on a central authority for trust – the site operators – to pay out their winnings, which can introduce waiting periods and delays in payouts, or not pay at all. Compounding this is the possibility of site vulnerabilities leading to hacks, leaving users with no recourse or recovery of their funds. Lastly, there is no transparency or verifiable accounting mechanism in place. Blockchain technology with the proper application, as with the Extreme SportsBook platform, is the solution.”

Emphasizing the use case applications, in summary, the whitepaper further reads, “We are able to offer a service that doesn’t rely on middlemen, making your wagers and winnings safer and quicker.”

About Token Sale:

You can buy tokens at a VIP price in the upcoming token sale, from November 1st, 2017 to December 1st. The VIP price is $0.25 per token.

The normal token sale will take place on January 1st, 2018 at a price of $0.38 per token.

The total amount of tokens is 18,000,000 (18 Million XSB)

The details are here: https://ico.xsports.io/