Your guide to buying a domain name and web hosting service

The number of consumers looking for information and shopping for goods and services online is increasing by the day. Hence, it is necessary to have adigital presence. 

The first step is to create a website, and forthis, you would require a domain name and a web hosting service. 

Web hosting providers in India offer a web hosting plan and the domain name together, or you can purchase a domain name separately.

We tell you how you can buy a domain and hosting servicefor your website.

Choose a plan

You can browse through the hosting plans available on the website of the web hosting vendor. Decide on whether you want a limited or an unlimited plan and choose the one that fits your needs. A limited hosting plan gives you a fixed amount of storage, email ids, and domains & sub-domains. An unlimited plan usually offers unlimited storage, domains, and email ids amongst other features.                                                                                             

Go through the features carefully, and then choose the plan, which meets your needs.

Choose a domain name

Once you select your plan, you canchoosea domain name. You can search for the username that you want. If it is already taken, you are suggested other similar names to choose from.

Keep the following things in mind when choosing a domain name-

– Your name must be catchy, related to the product or service that you are selling, unique, and easy to recall. 

– If the name of your choice is already taken, you can check if the similar domain name is available with a different extension. For example, if the domain name is already registered with ‘.com’, you can try a ‘.biz’, ‘.net’ or any other extension.

– If you want the same domain name, you can buy it from the owner if they are willing to sell it, for a premium.

Enter your account information

You need to give the account information before you make the purchase. The vendor might ask for your personal information like name, address, phone number, email address, and more. Provide the correct email id, as you will be receiving a verification email and all credentials on the same address.

Verify your information, and check the add-ons

Verify all the information about the package, which you have chosen. This includes all the monthly fee of the package, the price of the domain, the security, and other add-ons. Check carefully to ensure that all the charges are proper.

Make the payment

You will then have to pay for the domain and hosting. Verify all the information listed on the payment page once again. Next, choose a mode of payment from those that are available, and make the payment.

Create a password

Next, you might be prompted to generate a login password. You can input a password or use a password generator to create a strong password. You will need this password to log in to your admin panel.

Log in using cPanel

By this time, you would have received a confirmation mail about your purchase on your registered email id. Click on the link which is provided in the email. Enter the username provided and the password, which you had entered. It takes you to your web hosting dashboard from where you can control and manage your website.

Buying a domain and hosting is quite straightforward. Ensure that you go for the correct plan, and choose a domain name that suits.It can make all the difference to the success of your website.