1300 Numbers with SIP Integration

So I’ve been busily upgrading systems, building control panels and testing everything and I’m finally ready to launch the new Simple Telecom – 1300 to SIP product for just $5/month with inbound calls charged at $0.025/minute.

The first thing you will notice is It’s dirt cheap. Its a tech self service product which is prepaid only, so, as my time and risk is eliminated, I’ve passed on the pricing as cheap as I can.

Really, this product is for all you IT guys out there. This version of my 1300 numbers will allow you to connect your 1300 numbers straight into your Voip platform. It has been tested connecting into Asterisk, Trixbox and many other specific VoIP systems and should be compatible with any platform which supports SIP. Also, I’m always keen to add more so get in touch with me if you are having issues with your system.

This will mean you can build your own advanced call flows and routing systems as you see fit or as your company requires. You can even turn them on purely for testing as a cheap DID for your asterisk machine.

If this is all too much for you (ie. you have no idea what I’m talking about), don’t worry, you can still great the same great service from me on the $10/month prepaid 1300 service.