3 apps that will enhance your holiday abroad.

It’s almost time for summer holidays which means it’s time to start thinking about where we are going and what we’re packing in our suitcase.

One thing that will definitely be in my suitcase is my Android smartphone. These days a smartphone is far more than just a communications device – it is a supercomputer. Furthermore, with the right downloads you can convert your phone into the perfect travel companion and enhance your holiday experience.

Below are 3 apps I’ll be downloading before I go on my travels.

Google Translate

If you were able to go back in time ten years and show me Google Translate, I’d accuse you of being a witch! It really is the stuff of magic!

Google Translate is almost a passion project of Google’s and has been steadily improving over time; now it comes with complete with features that make it a must-have app when visiting a country where you are not comfortable with the language.

Conversation mode is perfect when speaking to someone in a foreign language. The app will use your phone’s microphone and record you and instantly convert your words into the foreign language which can be read on screen. Then, with just a swipe of the screen, you can swap the languages and it’ll turn the foreign words spoken by someone else back into English!

Just as impressive is camera mode. All you have to do is point your phone’s camera at a foreign road sign or even a restaurant menu and using augmented reality it’ll show the foreign words in your own language. It’ll even match the font if you have it installed on your phone!

Google are continuously improving this app; this year alone there have been over 30 different versions. Despite being such a useful tool in its current iteration It’s still exciting to wonder just what innovative features it’ll boast over the coming years. A must download!

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Official Davinci IQ app 

If you haven’t quit smoking, 2019 is the year to do so. Not only is vaping healthier for you, but it is also more convenient and efficient than smoking whilst providing a superior experience.

Furthermore, vaporizers now come jam-packed with technology and some really impressive technology and a perfect example of that is the Davinci IQ.

The Davinci IQ comes with some of the vaping’s industry’s best technology and also looks great too!

Perhaps what most sets the IQ apart is its ability to connect to your Android device via Bluetooth, all you need to do is download the official Davinci IQ app for the Google Play Store.

Once connected to your phone you can choose between 3 different vaping modes: Precision mode, Boost Mode and Smart Paths.

Most unique is the Smart paths mode. This allows users to create their own vaping journey and have the temperatures automatically change over a ten minute period.

This is great for vaping veterans like me who desire an intimate and bespoke vaping experience.

Lonely Planet City Guides

Sometimes the most difficult thing about a holiday is planning what to do when you actually arrive.

Enter the city your visiting, how long your staying and how much you have to spend into the official City Guides app by Lonely Planet and it’ll not only suggest which landmarks you should see; it’ll also: show you the fastest way to get there, the most efficient order to visit them in and recommend the best restaurants and bars en route

The UI looks beautiful and is very much an app designed for today’s Instagram generation. The pictures are big, bold and vibrant and are almost as inviting to look at as the actual attraction itself!

Guides currently cover 37 cities including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris and Vienna in Europe, Boston, Chicago, Montreal, New York and Washington DC in North America and Beijing, Kyoto, Singapore and Seoul in Asia.

The best thing about this app is that once you place the details of your holiday into it, it’ll download the relevant information to your phone via a Wifi connection. This means no matter where you are in the world, you can use your Android device to feel right and home without worrying about data roaming charges!