3 Reasons to Use Gift Certificates for Your Business

In the past year alone, about $46 billion was spent on gift cards.

Today, retailers say that about 50% of their business comes from gift cards and gift certificates alone.

In this post, you’ll learn why using free printable gift certificates for your business is a great and effective way to boost sales and brand recognition.

1. They Introduce Your Brand to New Markets

No matter what you’re selling, you likely have a target market. But wouldn’t it be awesome if you could also reach out to other demographics that would likely be interested in what you offer?

Gift certificates “introduce” your brand to potentially long-term clients/customers that might not ever have heard about your products/services otherwise.

They pack a one-two punch: not only are they great revenue boosters, but they also serve as a kind of advertising for your business.

Keep in mind that gift certificates also allow you to reach out to national/international markets.

No matter where the person who gets the certificate is located, they can spend their money in your online store, or order over the phone.

2. They Encourage People to Spend More

Gift certificates also help to encourage those who have been given them to make larger purchases, or to buy multiple items.

Think about your own life: when you’ve been given a gift card, aren’t you more willing to buy “bigger ticket” items, knowing that a large portion of the cost will be covered by the amount on the card?

Also, haven’t you bought more than one item in a store you have a gift certificate for, because you’re getting one of those items “for free?”

Why not offer the same opportunities to your own customers?

You can also get strategic about the amounts of gift certificates you issue. If most of your items cost in the $50-$75 range, for example, you can issue cards in $20 increments to encourage customers to buy more.

Of course, this also extends to the customers that are already shopping in your store.

You can encourage them to spend more by rewarding them with a gift certificate for every $100 (or any amount of your choosing) they spend.

Though it may seem costly, keep in mind that these gift certificates actually make you more money than they cost you.

This is because these customers can either keep the gift certificates for themselves, ensuring a return trip to your store, or give them away as gifts, introducing you to new customers.

That $10 gift certificate is a lot cheaper than completely redoing your current marketing campaign to attract new customers!

3. You Can Take Advantage of the Calendar

Let’s face it – the holidays are stressful. Many people just don’t know what to get the more “difficult” people on their lists.

Gift certificates don’t just take the pressure off your customers, they also ensure that these customers spend their money in your store.

Even if they don’t find the “perfect gift,” they can still pick up a gift certificate, meaning you’ll see those ultra-important holiday profits no matter what.

Consider running special gift card promotions during major holiday seasons to get the most out of this productive time of year!

Thinking of Making Your Own Gift Certificates?

Now that you know the benefits of offering gift cards, what are you waiting for?

Get started on creating your own today!