3 SEO Mistakes that add you to Google’s Naughty List

It was just a week back that you were notching high traffic for your website through content driven posts. The clicks on your portal were growing by leaps and bounds on all new submissions and posts published by you. Even as you were prepped to rank Uncle Google as your source of business traffic–it all stops. Your online identity and existence is wiped out by Google and you become a non-existent entity on the Internet. You are surprised to see that not a single post uploaded is visible; everything has vanished into thin air. So, what made Google look the other way without giving off any warning bells, alarm…. Nothing?


Minds Metricks is one of the top SEO companies in Dubai and with new seo rules being in the offing, courtesy Google, its experts are helping internet users like you refrain from being blacklisted. Here are some commonly made mistakes that rank as complete no-no, even though amateur seo users find them to be legitimate.

Mistake # 1 Links Purchase

It is now a norm for SEO firms using digital marketing strategies to post ads on helpful links. These carefully placed advertisements guarantee thousands of links and first page rankings, often for paltry fees. Such ads and links are best ignored as Google considers them to be links from spammy sites, disreputable portals, and non-accountable social networking accounts. As they point to intermediary web pages and are known to create link pyramids or link wheels, they may keep you in the top search results for a while, but fail you in the long run. Somehow, Google always manages to maps such links; so, it’s best to steer clear of them at all times.

Mistake #2: Using Wrong Link Directories

When you decide to add yourself to an online directory, it is important to ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is the online directory reputed for rejecting URLs? In case it isn’t, then it may just be a free-for-all link portal that you have chosen to get on to.
  • Have you checked that the URLs present on the site are not spammy and are of high quality?
  • Are you opting for free services? As per experts linked with SEO Dubai, genuine directories always charge a fee for evaluating the URL submitted by users.

As link directories are no more the most reliable part of seo strategies and marketing campaigns, you may want to opt for industry-specific directories to remain on the safer side.

Mistake #3: Article Marketing / Keyword Stuffing

The art of spinning multiple articles, that to from a single original one, and then linking them to websites, is no longer acceptable by Google. SEO based article marketing, with the right keywords, and adhering to all the Google algorithms, is the technique that’s in demand for getting the best responses from search engines. So, do not make the mistake of filling up pages with unrestricted keywords – you will fail miserably.

Do get in touch with SEO article developers in Dubai and work out smarter online marketing strategies for your business – today!