3D Printers are now under $500 for Most Models

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3D printing and 3D printers are the wave of the future. Developed in the 80s it at first was only available to big businesses due to the cost. But recently, these 3D printers are now becoming so inexpensive that soon everyone might have one.

New technology

This new technology of 3D printing which is also referred to as AMF or additive manufacturing, is a process used to make a 3-dimensional item where reproduce of material is designed under the control of a computer to create an object. This object can be any shape and are reproduced using data for a digital model from a 3D model or another data foundation such as an AMF file.

New cutting-edge research

There is new research being done using the 3D printer in medicine and other niches where this 3D printing could be the answer for many problems. And the best news is that these printers have models that are accessible for anyone since the prices have dropped below $500 for many models.

Reviews and pricing

There is an article where the best affordable 3D printer for the money is listed and reviewed. There is one printer that is listed as selling for $199.98 through Amazon and is the lowest cost currently on the market.

No medical research

Of course, the printers listed for sell at these low prices are limited in the 3D object that can be duplicated – in other words, this is not the printer for anyone wanting to do medical research on organ transplants. The research into break-through technology is still being done in big companies or lab that can afford the huge prices for the best in 3D printers.

One at a time

But to make a product which is too expensive to keep an inventory of, this printer would do the trick in manufacturing one product at a time as orders for your product arrive. Any of the printers listed for under $500 is in a range that most people in the tech section of computer technology can easily have in their home or office.