4 Common Myths about Online Tutoring Debunked

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Students often need mentoring and with the advancement of the Internet, the need for student and teacher to be present physically for a tutorial session has gone away. Today, such sessions can be conducted even if they are present in different parts of the world. But, some people have apprehensions about this new teaching method.

Let us see few of the common myths circulating about online tutoring, which make people apprehensive about this mode of teaching.

  • Many people believe that it is a new way to earn money tutoring students online, while the teachers may not be competent enough. This is absolutely wrong. All institutions that offer online instructions make sure that the educational background and experience of all teachers delivering such sessions is duly checked. They go through the same rigorous screening process as the regular teachers do.
  • Online teaching is only meant for tech-savvy students is another myth doing rounds, which is absolutely absurd. Anyone having low to average computer operating skills can take online coaching.
  • Many believe that tutors online are not equipped to give as much attention to students as can be given in conventional tutoring. It is actually the opposite as the tutors can connect better with online students through different modes like Discussion Boards, email, video chats etc.
  • Another bizarre thing to hear is that it will reduce the need for faculty. The online setup is similar to offline environment with the only difference being it is much more convenient for both the teachers and students.

We should focus our efforts to harness the power of online learning rather than the perpetuation of myths, which will only hold us back.