4 of the Best Printer Deals from 2016

While you can always use any of the many corporate and independently owned printing services across North America there are great benefits to having a printer in your own home. Of course, this is especially true if you run a business or are, perhaps, involved with many community organizations like the PTA or a church.

Obviously, the most immediate benefit to owning a printer and keeping it at home is the convenience.  In the long run, too, it can save you money.  But not all printers are the same, of course; and not all are going to serve you equally.  

What that in mind, then, here are 4 of the best printer deals as rated in 2016, with a look at why you might like it and why you might choose something else.Image result for 4 of the Best Printer Deals from 2016

The EPSON WorkForce WiFi Direct ($179)

Perhaps the most versatile machine on this list, the Epson WorkForce WiFi Direct can handle all kinds of media, offering scanning, copying, and faxing options all in one machine.  You might also like that it has extremely high photo quality, and all at maybe one-fifth the price of rival machines. On the other hand, this machine will not print in only black if you run out of color ink.   

BROTHER Digital Color ($175)

Fast. High-quality. Reliable. This machine is among the best, simply put. However, this printer’s paper feed will only accept letter and legal size sheets so you have to feed it anything else by hand. If, for example, you want to print a lot of photos, the Epson (above) is a better choice.

The SAMSUNG Wireless Monochrome ($79)

Now, if you print in mostly black and white this could be just the affordable “workhorse” printer model you have been looking for (and it’ll save you money on toner too, over an inkjet printer).  But while it is an excellent value, you have to remember that its feature set is extremely limited (as a solely black and white printer).

The HP Envy 4520 ($89)

This budget printer has a unique ability to print “borderless” (text all the way out to the edges of a standard 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper.  This model also has a built-in and easy-to-use scanner.  While this multi-function machine is quite affordable, a common complaint is that there is a slight delay between the print command and when the machine starts printing.