5 Compelling Reasons to Switch over to IP PBX

The IP PBX is actually a total telephone system, which provides the telephone calls over the IP data networks. All of the conversations are set in as data packets through the network. The technology consists of some really hi-tech communication features, which provide a great dosage of tension-free scalability as well as robustness that every other enterprises actually seek. The IP PBX can also be connected to the age old PSTN lines through any optional gateway; therefore, upgrading the daily business communication to this hi-tech voice as well as data network is a cake walk. BV Communications is one of the best service providers in the market now.

Here are 5 reasons as to why you must switch over to IP PBX.

1.Very Easy to Set up and Configure: IP PBX basically functions as a software in a system and it will be able to leverage the most advanced processing power of the system (computer), the UI and also the Windows features. Any person who is good in computer and networking will be able to install as well as maintain the IP PBX.

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  1. Very Easy to Manage As It Has GUI-Based Configuration Interface: The IP PBX can easily be managed through the GUI or the web-based configuration interface. This lets you to very easily manage and also fine tune the phone system. The proprietary systems mostly have some really difficult interfaces that are exclusively designed in such a way that only the technicians can operate.
  2. Major Cost Reduction with VoIP Service Providers: With IP PBX, one can make use of the VoIP service provider for any long distance or international calls. You will be able to save a lot with this system. In case you have some branch offices, you will easily be able to connect the phone systems between all your branches and make phone calls for free.
  3. Phone Wiring Not Needed: The IP PBX lets you to connect the hardware phones very easily directly on to the computer’s network post. The phone software can be set up on the PC as well. This way, you will be able to completely eliminate any phone wiring.
  4. Awesome Scalability: The proprietary systems can be really easy to outgrow. Having more and more phone lines generally requires some really expensive hardware modules. However, this is not the case with IP PBX; a good computer can very easily be able to handle bigger number of extensions and phone lines.

These are some real good reasons as to why IP PBX is a better option for you.