Understanding Domain registration

Domain registration is the process of acquiring a domain name from a domain registrar. Domain name refers to an identification string that helps a person or an organisation to have a certain amount of authority or control over some parts of the internet. Domain name registrar is an organisation or an entity that controls and manages the domain name reservation. Domain names can be created only by upholding the rules and following the procedures of DNS (Domain Name System). Understanding domain registrations is not a big task as many registrars themselves do the work for you and all the person or the organisation has got to do is just give the registrars their details and submit some documents.

Domain Check

Domain check appears to be the most important part of registering a domain. The availability of a domain name is critically crucial as two domains cannot have the same name. The internet takes care of all that. Domain check is done by most of the website registrars themselves. Searching for the name of the domain has become as easy as a domain check in various website registrars. Also there are various sites which permit domain checks for free or for a nominal price. Domain checks require the scanning of the entire World Wide Web to check for exact domain names. Some of the websites allow you to check domain availability, different domain name registrations and various domain names pointing to various websites on their servers.

Domain registration

Domain registrations have become relatively easy to perform with the inception of various domain name registrars where the organisations need to only pay for the services and give them the exact idea of how the website should be along with supporting documents. For domain names ending with .com .net and .org and .info, the fee to be paid is around HK$130 with some applied terms and conditions. No documents are required for this. However, for other types of domains like .hk, the fee is around HK$300, along with the submission of a sample of the business registration certificate and also a valid Hong Kong identity card. There are various other endings of domain names that are available and details pertaining to these can be known once the registrar is contacted online or through the internet.

In short, domain registration require the person or the organisation only to do a domain check and the rest of the things are taken care of by the registrars.