5 Essential Android Apps Every Blogger Must Use

Android is one of the most popular and famous operating systems empowering millions of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks as well. What makes it such a great choice are the many amazing app ideas on the platform.

As a blogger, you can use your Android device to boost your blogging productivity and also can check performance reports of your websites or marketing campaigns.

You can publish, schedule, edit, posts photos, videos, and various other stuff through the mobile phone easily as there are many blogging apps available in Google play store.

In this post, I am going to share some of the best and essential apps for a blogger that they must use or at least give them a try.

Let’s start!

5 Best Android Apps Blogger Must Use

Let me clear one thing, I’ve crafted this list entirely based on my experience and think other bloggers should use them.

  1. WordPress

If you are someone like me who prefer to use WordPress over BlogSpot then must install this application on your Android phone. It helps you check site statistics, you can check which post is getting higher traffic, visitors amount, page views, visitors country, comments, and also which search keywords are bringing you the most traffic. Quite useful information, isn’t it?

You can monitor all of your websites using this app under one roof. Pages and media data such as images and videos also can be checked WP app.

  1. Uptime Robot

Well, web hosting servers often face some technical issues which cause downtimes, and it’s essential to keep an eye on your web hosting server’s reliability. If you’re running an eCommerce store, chances are because of often downtimes you may lose sales and thus revenue.

Always use the best WordPress hosting provider to get qualitative, reliable, and trusted web hosting to run a smooth WP websites. There are many web host who claims to offer best web hosting but they don’t.

So, before choosing any new host, you must check all the important things before buying.

UptimeRobot checks your website for any server issue, downtimes, and alert you instantly whenever any problem happen.

  1. Google Analytics

If you’re blogging for a while, I bet you’ll know what Google Analytics is, and the power of this app. It helps bloggers to track their site performance from visitors and traffic perspective.

You can monitor page views, visitors, sessions, bounce rate, country, time on page/post and search queries as well.

Using these metrics webmaster can create a strategic plan to boost their website traffic and improve bounce rate. This app is developed by Google Inc, they have done a great job on this app. You can use it very easily, and even beginners get familiar with it within few minutes after the first use.

  1. Photo Editor

We often create and share images for our blog post. So Photo Editor blogging app help you create and edit new/old photos. You can use effects to make awesome looking pictures and then use them as a featured images on your blog posts.

It also allows you inserting text on photos; you can decrease or increase font sizes, change colors, and crop as well.

In a nutshell, you must install this app on your smartphone to take maximum benefits from your Android devices.

  1. Google Drive

Last but not least, gDrive is another must have application. It can help you store your contents such as images, videos, excel files, word files and all other documents in a cloud storage.

You can access all of this data from anywhere all around the world using your smartphone, laptop or any other internet enabled device.

So, it provides great usability and on the go approach. I am using it for a while to save my data and it’s really worth using.

I insist you must install it and it’s totally free. You get 15 GB volume to store your stuff.

So, these are some of the best and essential Android application that you must install and take benefits from them.

You can increase your blogging activities, productivity, and thus website traffic using these must have apps.

[This is a guest post written by Muhammad Imran, he loves to share blogging tips, hosting reviews, and make money online ways on MyTipsHub. You can find more helpful stuff on his website.]