5 things you didn’t know you can do with your smartphone

Mobile phones have evolved in an incredible way over the last few years. In fact, they have ceased to be mere telephones to become multipurpose devices that cover many of our needs. However, we are sure that your smartphone has many more superpowers than you think. In this post we are going to reveal you 6 secret functions of your smartphone.

Transfer money to your friends

There are applications to transfer money between friends without the need of bank transfers, nor long account numbers, commissions or anything like that. How? Very simple, you sign up on your mobile phone and with a single click you can transfer part of your balance to another mobile user or vice versa in case you are the one who wants to receive the money.

Metal detector

Did you know that your cell phone can be a metal detector? That’s right, despite its small size a smartphone has the necessary sensors to detect the metals in its surroundings. Have you lost your keys or glasses on the beach? There’s no problem, take your smartphone and he will find them for you.

Scan documents

It’s no longer necessary to have a scanner at home or going to the copy shop to scan any documents. Thanks to applications developed for this purpose, with your Smartphone you can photograph documents and these will be automatically converted to PDF files, just like if you had scanned them.

Security camera

The fact that your mobile phone has a camera doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself to takingselfies and landscape photos. There are some apps that allow you to use the Smartphone as a security camera for long hours when you are at home or at work.

Improve your sleeping habits

Do you always have trouble sleeping? You can use one of the innumerable apps that are designed to monitor our sleeping habits. In addition, they also monitor other factors related to sleep such as stress or caffeine consumption. These innovative apps can help you know yourself better and therefore, manage your sleeping hours better.

Remote control

Whether through Bluetooth or WiFi you can configure your Smartphone to function as a remote control for a variety of devices. Whether it’s to change the song in your music device or you can also use it as a control to play video games.

There are many more features to discover on your mobile phone yet. Unleash its full potential and begin to test everything that small and seemingly insignificant object you carry in your pocket offers. You will be surprised to discover the large number of functions you can perform and the amount of other objects you can replace forever.