Experience True Ultra HD 4k TV AtAn Affordable Price Point

Gone are the days of Standard Definition and High Definition TVs. People today are moving forward towards the new technology that is Ultra High Definition, with 4k resolution. Watching TV at home with HDR (High Dynamic Range) can be a totally new experience for people. If you have a big living room, and enough space to put up a big tv, you will love an Ultra HD 4k TV.

Today, a number of 4k Smart TVs are readily available in 65-inch and 55-inch size. A bigger size means that you get to see each pixel clearly, which in turn offers the best viewing experience. A bigger screen size also mean idea display size to run 4k videos and shows.

Various brands offer best 65 inch TV for the money, including Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio, Hisense and much more. As of now, Sony and Samsung lead this race, while the others are offering a tough competition by introducing more SmartTVs with new features and an affordable price.


Before purchasing any 4K TV, you must make sure whether it is compatible with your house or not. A standard distance to watch 4K TV has been found to be 9 feet or 2.75 meters. So, if you wish to purchase a 65-inch TV, you must make sure that you have a big living room. By viewing this TV from an optimum distance allows you to experience the best quality, without any pixilation.

Basically, two different types of 4k Technologies are used in TVs. One of which is LED, while the other is OLED. OLED offers a great viewing experience, while offering true UHD pictures. OLED is able to show the brightest of colors, and the deepest blacks. Due to the higher performance, OLED TVs tend to have a higher price than others.

On the other side, LED LCD TV sets can offer you optimal picture quality and decent voice quality, as offered by the manufacturer. These are more affordable than OLEDs, and can allow you to save on your budget.


LG OLED65C7P is one of the finest 65-inch Ultra HD TVs available today. It comes with integrated webOS 3.5, which enables the person to have access to various mobile apps. By using this TV, you can create a home cinema experience. The picture quality is superior to normal TVs, while Dolby Atoms creates great sound, hardly matched by its competition. Active HDR alongside Dolby Vision creates deepest blacks, and brightest whites, with great resounding sound. By purchasing the LG OLED65C7P, you are guaranteed to have the finest viewing experience.

This 65-inch Ultra HD TV is priced at $3,159 with smart functionality, and a number of apps, which can help the user browse through the different areas and assist in operating the TV. The TV is able to offer the best color, detail and contrast in High Dynamic Range in order to replicate the most real-life quality. The TV is ultra thin and gives off a premium feel, while not taking too much of space.