5 Tips Toward Completing A Nonogram Puzzle

How To Complete Nonogram Puzzles

Nanograms, also known as griddlers, are fun number puzzles that are made for anyone. Easybrain makes this game for devices with access to The App Store and Google Play. The great part about it is that this game is free to download, meaning you don’t have to pay anything at all to play! If you are trying to learn how to play this game, hopefully, this guide can help you as a quick starter on how to complete these griddlers. The tips for completing these puzzles on this Nonogram.com game include:

●       Overall Goal

●       Symbol Meaning

●       Rows

●       Techniques

●       Use App Features

Overall Goal

The overall goal in this game is to fill in all the squares with black, x’s, or blank spots. By doing so, you will have completed the griddlers puzzle and reveal the image that is hidden. While revealing the picture through solving the puzzle is the overall goal, there are many other important tips for you to know before you understand how to solve one of these puzzles.

Symbol Meaning

Understanding what all of the symbols in this game are is important as well because they will determine if you can solve the puzzle or not. The white boxes are unsolved and are all blank squares that you need to fill in. The black squares used to fill in the boxes are what you use to solve the puzzle and reveal the image. The x’s are used as placeholders to help you visually see which boxes can’t be filled in so that you know which boxes to fill in with black.


With rows, there are both horizontal rows and vertical rows. Next to each horizontal row, and above each vertical row, you will see a set of numbers. These are the numbers that you need to refer to in order to solve the puzzle. As you look at these numbers in the griddlers puzzle and begin to solve each square one at a time, you will notice that vertical and horizontal rows correspond with one another when determining which squares to fill in. By keeping both vertical and horizontal rows in mind simultaneously, you will be able to solve the puzzle easier.


There are techniques that you can follow in order to become better and quicker at solving these griddlers puzzles. While the “X” button does not necessarily need to be used, you should use them to your advantage to help you visually see which boxes are not able to be filled in. You should never guess when filling in boxes as it can throw the whole game off. Instead, you need to use logic and problem-solving when filling in each box. Do not focus on the end result picture when solving a puzzle, it can sometimes be misleading, hard to visualize, and can throw your whole game off.

Make Use of the App Features

Lastly, you will want to use all the in-app features to your advantage on the Nonogram.com game made by Easybrain. This includes the hints feature, extra lives feature, x button feature, and even the ads feature for even more lives!