A Glimpse Through The Lens Of Reality: Everything You Need To Know About Payne Glasses


With the increased technological devices at our disposal and to the extent that we use them, you can find every third person around you, wearing a pair of spectacles. With the extreme workload nowadays, we don’t actually understand how frequently our eyes are exposed to the blue rays when we watch the television or use a Smartphone. This increased propinquity with technology leads to a number of eye problems, the most common being myopia and hyperopia. Therefore, using glasses today has become very significant. In fact, it has become the need of the hour. Not just do glasses protect us from the ultraviolet rays from the sun, but they also help us see clearly. Not to mention how they help us look really fashionable at the same time. With increased fashion sense amongst people today, we can also find people wearing spectacles just to look spiffy and in fashion.

Payne glasses, craft the most stylish and unique glasses. These eyewear can be ordered as prescription glasses, blue light blocking glasses, polarized or color-tinted glasses and photochromic glasses which are light-responsive glasses. As said earlier, technology has disrupted a major part of our lives, including our health. Which is why, blue light blocking eyewear is in demand in contemporary times and this is what Payne Glasses specialize in. The LED harmful blue light can damage the eyes permanently, but the photochromic blue blocking lenses from Payne Glasses can protect you from the long-term damage these blue rays cause. Blue light actually can come from any source of light, but the main source of blue light are the current devices that we use immeasurably. Smartphones, television, computer monitors, and tablets are the way in which the blue rays enter our eyes and damage them on prolonged exposure. This is actually the reason why the blue ray blocking rays lens is becoming so popular in the market.

The photochromic lens crafted by the Payne Glasses blocks the UV rays by darkening and protecting your eyes. Hence, they come with a special feature that when the ultraviolet rays from the sun try to enter the back of the eye causing damage, these photochromic lenses block them by darkening. These Lenses are, hence, also called as progressive transition glasses. While it usually takes 2 to 4 minutes for this lens to darken, as the ultraviolet rays enter the eyes, the duration may vary with the brand being used. They block 80 Percent of the UV rays. The Payne Glasses company is the first company offering lenses that are photochromic as well as HEV blue light blocking. Payne Glasses also specialize in 1.74 high index lenses which are the thinnest and lightest for stronger prescription and because their refraction rate is higher, the ‘Higher Index lenses’ do not need to be as rounded. Besides, the 1.74 high index lenses have strong tensile strength; as a result, they don’t fracture as much as lower Index lenses do. 1.74 Index lenses are comparatively lighter and thinner than the 1.67 lenses. So the higher the index of the lens, the lesser is the weight. Therefore, 1.74 index lenses weigh the most and have the gravity of 1.47.


Before considering purchasing glasses from Payne Glasses, you must know that all stylish and innovative glasses can be ordered as prescription glasses. There are, at Payne glasses, various designs including beginner, office, computer, sports and drive and Payne Glasses review for these designs is gratifying. With over 1000 frames available at factory price, if at all the purchased product is not liked by the customer, 100 percent of the money is refundable under the new warranty and besides, you can get Payne Glasses on discount as well.

Designed especially for outdoor activities, there are glasses, called the sports progressive. These are meant for outdoor activities such as cycling, golfing, and archery. The drive progressive, on the other hand, is meant for tackling problems associated with driving. Many regular drivers cannot bear the headlights of other cars which make driving difficult. But the drive progressive is designed to keep the vision clear while driving, without unnecessary head movement.

Another important thing to consider before buying from Payne Glasses is that the cost of progressive glasses nowadays is skyrocketed. But with today’s huge production of lenses, the manufacturing cost of eyewear is more effective than ever. So one can now have more than one frame in the wardrobe, for various occasions without the fear of losing any of them because of their low costs. And, with promo codes and coupons you will find that Payne Glasses is where you will find eyewear at the manufacturing costs without any meddling of the middlemen. Payne Glasses reviews are thus based on the efficiency and comfort provided by the product.


Ordering your glasses is yet another easy thing. But before ordering, there are a few things to consider.

  1. One is to have a doctor’s prescription that is not expired. The prescription usually lasts for 2 years unless specified otherwise by your doctor.
  2. The next step is calculating your pupillary distance, which is the distance between your pupils. Once you are on the site, you can select the pair of glasses or frames of your choice and enter your prescription and the pupillary distance.
  3. Following which, you have to choose how you intend to use the eyewear which is: Distance and near, distance only and near only.
  4. The site then will ask which prescription you want to use.
  5. Lastly, the site will ask if there is any coating you would like to use on the lens, such as extra coating, blue light blocking and after filling in all the information, you can check out by adding your shipping and payment information and review and check-out.


Payne Glasses are meant to be the most efficient and effective glasses of contemporary times. You just need to keep your number in check to get the right one.