5 Ways Gmail Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

Many companies are catching on to the fact that gmail is a great email platform that offers all the features they are looking for. It is free, but upgrading to its business plan, G Suite, is well worth it, because it offers plenty of customer support in case a problem happens to occur.

Here are 5 convincing reasons why your company should get on board with Gmail, today.


Gmail offers up a completely reliable experience with no scheduled downtime and is available to users 99.978% of the time. It is an extremely rare occasion when you will see the words, “Gmail is down,” on your screen, and this is very important, because who wants their email browser to be the one thing that is mucking up their business of the day?

Gmail Is Extremely Affordable

Standard gmail is completely free and offers plenty of goodies for companies, but most businesses eventually choose to subscribe to G suite. Not only does G suite give them everything a company would want by adding extra business features, but it also starts out as little as $5 a month.

Customer Support Is Tip-Top

When you subscribe to G suite, you get access to Google’s legendary customer support, which you have access to 24/7. This means that if an issue comes up, you can access their customer care staff that will help you figure out a solution.

Gmail Has Built In Chat Features

Have you ever sent an email and were really hoping for a quicker response? The truth is, business moves at a fast pace, and if you can’t connect with someone immediately, when you need to, you can find yourself in a jam. Using the chat feature can save you and your company lots of time and money.

You Can Learn More About Your Contacts

The Rapportive app, which needs to be downloaded separately, allows you to look at details about a client, including their LinkedIn profile. This can give you the extra information you need to make a great impression.

If your company is shopping around for the right email platform to use, it would be a mistake to not give gmail a try. It can lift your company above your competition with its wide-range of amazing features.