7 Benefits of Purchasing Corporate Gift Cards

With start-ups and new businesses growing faster, the employee pool keeps growing. And along with this progression, companies need to plan employee reward systems to keep work upbeat and fun. 

Corporate settings can become the most monotonous and boring workspaces. And hence finding ways to amp up work ethic and employee satisfaction is essential to improve productivity. So, investing in corporate gift cards is the perfect way to incentivise employees and make them feel valued, and here’s why:

Engagement Levels

In a monotonous set-up, employees tend to engage in work less and do the bare minimum. While this may be enough for meeting an estimated employee productivity level, exceeding it becomes impossible. 

But, by using these gift cards, one can stimulate their employee with rewards beyond their monthly or weekly wage. Hence, this investment is bound to reap benefits as employees begin to engage in and enjoy their work-based rewards. 


Using cash-based reward systems can get expensive very quickly. Moreover, bonuses are incentivising but not beneficial for the company. On the other hand, gift cards come with financial benefits, such as cashback and savings policies. These plans make investing in similar reward schemes affordable for the company as well as the employees.


Some gift cards are very organisation based, and this may bore employees. In contrast, allowing employees to choose their rewards can keep them interested and working harder. 

Many corporations have employee reward schemes in place, but these schemes prove to be more efficient. 

Branding and Corporate Image

Many employees choose their companies based on employee benefits and work culture. And in this context, an efficient and unique employee reward scheme in place can improve the image of a corporation. And this corporate image attracts young and diligent employees, keeping it bright and full of life. 

Peer Recognition

While most bonuses and promotions usually breed unhealthy competition, gift cards maintain healthy recognition and discussion. Discussing rewards and incentives can also help in improving employee rapport, keeping the workspace conflict-free. 

Peer recognition is essential as it keeps employees engaged and motivated to reach the next level. And although direct cash-based rewards are effective, these gift cards level the playing field, making them more efficient. 


Occasions call for a celebration, and there is no better way to appreciate an employee by celebrating with them. Gift cards can be customised to any individual, making them feel more connected to the administration. Moreover, this customisation adds a personal touch to the reward, incentivising the employee further. Nevertheless, emotions are moving, and ensuring that employees share a bond with the corporation is essential. 

Open Loop vs Closed Loop Cards

Open-loop gift cards are equivalent to cash, and these cards can be used at most retail businesses and give employees more flexibility with where they spend. 

On the other hand, closed-loop cards include Amazon or Target gift cards. And, while they offer a variety to choose from, some may find them limiting. Also, corporations can also opt for more experiential rewards by choosing cards for Airbnb or West Wing Airlines!

Things to Keep in Mind When Using Corporate Gift Cards

Always remember to pair gift cards with appreciation and recognition. These schemes are an investment of the corporation, and one must use them wisely. Besides, pairing it with employee appreciation and customisation draws a clear link between the reward and the company. 

Reward schemes become empty and shallow if the praise does not follow them. And valuing and appreciating employees assures them that they are integral to the company’s success.