A quick look at the best free VPN app – Rocket VPN app

With so many public Wi-Fi networks available today, getting on to the internet and surf the web has become so easy. However, one of the major challenges with these open Wi-Fi networks is the threat to security and privacy of the data and personal information that you are accessing to and with. This is where VPN services come handy. With the use of VPN or Virtual Private Network, you can not only surf the web in a more secured and private manner, but you can so do anonymously as well.

There is a number of Free VPN Google Play Store and Free VPN Apple App Store based apps which can be downloaded for free and can be used to bypass any regional restriction to access a particular content on the web. Along with this, the free VPN services also empower the user to send encrypted data over the network which takes care of the security concerns of the data. Of all the available free VPN apps on Google Play Store or Apple app store, one of the apps with a neat and easy to use interface and other incredible features is Rocket VPN app.

Features and benefits of Rocket VPN

Rocket VPN app comes with a number of features, some of which are common with any other free VPN app, but some are very unique to only this VPN app. The main features of the Rocket VPN app are as follows.

  • With the ability to bypass geographical restrictions, it allows the user to access videos, apps and websites which are restricted in a particular region of the world.
  • The app allows the user to choose from seven virtual locations that allows them to browse the internet in total anonymity. The seven virtual locations are Unites States, Australia, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, France, and Germany.
  • The unique Rocket browser that is in-built in the app offers a highly safe online experience, thanks to the encryption that is applies on the browsing data. There is hardly a website in the world that cannot be opened with this browser, no matter how many levels of restrictions are being applied on the accessing of that website.
  • The Rocket VPN app allows non shared connection which ensures that the bandwidth does not get chocked and the speed of the internet is not impacted.

While many people think that the internet browsing becomes slow with the use of free VPNs, but with Rocket VPN, there is no question of any lag in the speed. The app allows the user to access the internet as if it was being accessed through a Wi-Fi or cable based internet connection.