A Spy Phone App: All You Should Know

Nowadays, there are many opportunities to learn necessary information about literally anyone. Social networks are good sources of information provided by the users themselves. However, different malware programs in the Internet are not the only threat to your privacy. A spy phone app is the latest trend among different ways to collect information about a particular person. One may think it is not legal, but the use of such stealthy apps is a delicate situation. Moreover, many of them are available in free access like mSpy – https://www.mspy.com/and are widely used for a variety of purposes.

Is It Legal to Use a Spy Phone App?

You may naturally wonder whether it is legal to use tracking apps on mobile phones. Many different cases of their usage are known to a wide audience. While one may evaluate the use of these programs as a violation of privacy rights, others use them in an inoffensive manner.Related image

  1. Parental control. The majority of spy phone apps were adapted from similar computer programs. However, the main aim of a tracking program for cell phones was parental control. Certainly, this is a very nice purpose to use them because it is extremely important to know who the friends of your children are. Moreover, the majority of tracking apps for mobile phones offer a wide range of additional options. For example, the opportunity to blacklist certain phone numbers if you want to terminate communication of your children with some persons. With the help of this program, parents see the history of browser, web searching, and multimedia files on the phone. At the same time, GPS-location and access to text messages from different social networks and messengers may help them to find an escaped teenager. Certainly, it is much better than turning to the police.  
  2. Control over employees. Some big companies use tracking apps in order to watch for their employees. Business secrets are more expensive than anything else because they guarantee the company market success and a competitive advantage. Hence, employers are interested in collection of data about their staff. Moreover, some companies prefer to do it in the open, for example, with the help of mobile phone, tablets, and other devices given to employees. So, if disclosure of trading secrets is punished by dismissal, the use of such apps is a good way to keep staff on toes. In addition, it is not prohibited by law.
  3. Suspicion of marital infidelity. Certainly, it is a very delicate situation. You may have a suspicion that your spouse or significant other is cheating on you. In this case, the best way to learn the truth is to talk to each other. On the other hand, if you still have any doubts, even after a sincere conversation, you can either hire a private detective or spy on your honey with the help of a conspicuous app installed on his/her cell phone.
  4. State interests. It is not surprising that state government may also use spying technologies to watch for people all over the world. ‘Big brother is watching you’, as G. Orwell stated, and unfortunately, in the modern society, it is not fiction anymore. For instance, everybody heard about Edward Snowden, the former employee of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Security Agency (NSA) of the USA. He revealed the fact of total surveillance of a great number of people in more than 60 countries conducted by the American security services. The truth was revealed in 2013 and gave rise to different conversations on the topic. However, the United States of America is not the only country totally spying on different people. The example of North Korea boggles the imagination as well. This country is an acknowledged leader in surveillance of its citizens as well. Although the USA and North Korea are considered the nosiest states, other countries are keeping pace with them. For instance, a great scandal broke out when Google found “Christened Chrysaor” –  the spying app developed by Israeli programmers. This information was revealed in April 2017; hence, small countries like Israel can spy on people as well as such giants as the USA, North Korea, and China.

To Use or Not to Use

While the leading world powers are not too nice about the means of spying on people, what should ordinary citizens do? Certainly, the violation of privacy rights is not good; however, how can we speak about these rights if the government itself has too many ways to get around them? Hence, there is no certain legal framework for regulation of questions concerning the use of spyware apps for smartphones. It can be considered legal in some cases: if you have a necessity to control your children, employees, or significant others, the use of different tracking apps for this purpose will be your personal decision. However, the aftermath of their application will be your own responsibility as well. So, it is up to you to decide to use or not to use tracking apps to collect data about your family and colleagues.