Advantages of IP cameras

November 2, 2017

This article is all about the main advantages of IP CCTV technology. This technology offers high resolution recording and playback of security footage on a network system. IP CCTV systems offer much superior image quality. One of the biggest advantage of this camera is has much higher resolution pictures. The NVR also helps in retaining the high resolution which means that you can see the same level of detail as the live image when you play back your recorded footage and take stills from it.

There are IP servers which are also known as network video servers and they can turn any CCTV camera in to an IP based network camera. IP cameras are easy to install and they include all of the things that are required for a complete IP surveillance system. They are digital end to end and thus use progressive scanning to make full use of camera imagers and provide more resolution than analog cameras with the same type of pictures. There are basically two types of IP camera operating systems. They are centralized and decentralized. Network video recorder (NVR) is essential for centralized IP systems. The video is recorded by this program to a hard drive, flash drive, or other storage device in a digital format. On the other hand, decentralized IP camera systems NVR is not essential as each of the cameras has built in recording capability and can record directly on to digital storage media. The best advantage is that you can access the data recorded by the IP camera from anywhere by using Internet access.

When using IP cameras, coaxial cable is not needed as the cameras operate over a broadband, Wi-Fi, or cellular network. There is no camera limit as long as there is enough signal or broadband strength to transmit data. If you are looking for the one you can go for Dahua CCTV Camera. They are trustworthy and experienced service provider in Dubai. Dahua IP cameras are best as they are of top quality and the company maintains the top position among CCTV companies in Dubai.

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