Aerial Mapping Company in Toronto

There is something that makes you look up – yes the aerial mapping company in Toronto is on the job.

SkySnap is an innovative company with ‘above the ground’ solutions for aerial mapping. With all the sophisticated gadgets, they do a thorough and comprehensive mapping using UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) also called with affection as drones. Whether you need 2D or 3 D, aerial photographs or aerial videos, you can safely depend on SkySnap.

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Besides the Drones, the software is a critical aspect for you to get accurate results. SkySnap, the Aerial Mapping Company in Toronto, uses the latest and updated software for analysing the images captured. Also, the camera they use is bit different. The wide angle cameras are of minimum 12 and upward 42 Mega Pixel categories. That means the accuracy, sharpness of the object that is captured are of utmost quality. The drones have the camera tilting and focussing system too, while on the flight path the cameras can be directed at individual objects of interest. This is extremely useful while live streaming of the videos.

The analysis of the heaps of data collected is more important done by the Aerial Mapping Company in Toronto. While the pictures or video may look confusing at the beginning, careful analyses can bring out the difference between mountains, rivers, forests and mangroves. Or maybe a building and structure need to be distinguished. The roads and rivers may look similar in an aerial photograph unless a careful analysis of pictures with suitable analysis software is applied.

SkySnap is just a call away, the response time for them to get organised at short notice is highly appreciated.  Particularly in an emergency, like aerial survey after a climatic vagary, you cannot wait long.

You can depend on SkySnap, the Aerial Mapping Company in Toronto (