Are Apple Products just Better?

Fans of Apple products generally know that the company does things just a little differently.  The technology company seems pretty set on forging their own path through the market. In many ways, of course, this is very good—setting yourself apart from your competitors makes it easier to build a fan base and it also makes it harder for your competitors to match your design and framework.


Apple seems quite committed to its oddity, in the best possible way.  To those who are not fans of the company, Apple might seem stubborn or adamant.  Perhaps they are.  It doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks of them, though, the company works very hard to design unique products with a purpose.  Apple products, for example, are intended to feel simple but intuitive. In addition, Apple products tend to be safer from malware like viruses and scripting errors that seem to be quite common among Android phones and Windows products.


One way the company has innovated is through the development of the apple charging cable.  The lightning cable is a perfect example of how Apple has taken the existing technology and improved it for their own products.  The proprietary lightning cable charges the Apple iPhone but also acts as a data cable; and the iPhone has a special processor that detects if the lightning cable is plugged into the wall or into a computer (so it knows how to response to the power draw).Image result for Are Apple charging cable

Apple has also designed lightning-to-HDMI and lightning-to-VGA cables that allow you to transfer video from a device to a monitor.


Apple products are not cheap.  Indeed, consumers know that you can probably expect to pay a little more for an Apple product than you would for a competing product.  You have to look at what you get for the money: Apple products do have a special authentication chip that verifies you are using official Apple products.  The company prefers you do not buy generic cables and other accessories, and when you do use Apple products together, you might find that they work better than when you use a mixture of brands.