Are you a blogger and travel frequently to explore the world or simply loves to travel?

While traveling one of the biggest issues is accessing your website and checking your online accounts because you cannot carry your laptop sometimes. But, there are few apps for Android users that can you help you come up this situation.

In fact, those applications can be used for monitoring site performance, daily traffic, online earnings, and much more with ease.

Android, as well as iOS users, also can take benefits from all best blogging apps which I am going to share below. All you have to do is visit play store and hit the download button, and within next few minutes, you will be ready to take benefits from them.

So, without more details, let’s begin!

In this list of essential Android applications for bloggers, the first one is;

1) Google Analytics

Indeed, one of the crucial and important apps for bloggers to check their websites and applications performance and traffic. You can monitor page views, visitors, sessions, and custom dates to check traffic.

It comes with a convenient and friendly interface to provide maximum value. You can choose desired dates to find the number of visitors your site got on those days.

There is also a section to analyze or compare traffic with the previous day, week, or month. Also, the demographic option allows checking traffic from different countries or cities.

2) Pingdom

We no matter bloggers or webmasters, regularly keep an eye on our websites server performance and downtimes. It is critical and important. You should monitor the accessibility of your site to ensure that everyone and anyone can surf it all around the clock.

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Pingdom checks your site for errors or down times and alerts you instantly to fix the issues. Using a bad host cannot provide the best results. No doubt web hosting is expensive, but there are many cheapest WordPress hosting providers that you use to get better results as well higher uptime guarantee.

3) Google Adsense

Like first one, it is also developed by Google and plays a vital role if you use Google Adsense to generate money. Adsense is one is one top advertisement network and every blogger at least once try it to make money.

Adsense Android application helps you check daily revenue generating by your Adsense account. Just provide login details, and you are ready to go.

4) WordPress / Blogger

I have mentioned these different Android applications at one place because both offer the same results. and Blogger users can take benefits from this app to share, edit, modify and create new posts.

Both blogging applications deliver impressive usability and friendliness to help any type of webmasters. With WordPress app, you can even update plugins, themes, and core files as well.

5) Tumblr

Another must have application for Android and iOS users to manage their Tumble based blogs. You can post and manage your blog with this applications. Edit settings, update or modify anything you want to.

Tumblr is a free platform to get your blog ready without paying any money which is good for users having no money to getting a start. So, install it and take benefits.

As a blogger, we use many tools and applications to manage our website, business blogs, and content marketing strategy. You can use above Android applications to get maximum benefits from your phone. Choose as per your need and improve productivity right away.