How Cloud Hosting Can Help Improving Your Site Speed

Cloud hosting is becoming more trendy and many webmasters now recommend it to host your website. In fact, they are shifting their website to clouds for better speed and performance.

It helps them increase website loading speed as well as never let their site down because of multiple cloud server working together. As it built with many servers which are connected to each other, so the traffic load divided among all the servers.

Usually, it cost you more money than a traditional shared web hosting. Luckily, there are many cheap cloud server providers available that offer you cloud hosting at the very affordable prices such as Vultr. Even though, they provide SSD based cloud hosting.

If you’re a tech savvy, I am pretty sure you’ll aware of solid state drives. These drives consist of microchips and store data in it, and so that deliver 20x faster read/write experience than spinning drives. Definitely, it cost more money, but cloud companies still serve it at very competitive prices.

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Now, how it can help you improve website speed as well as user experience?

  1. Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud hosting built in a way and connect with hundreds of server positioned worldwide to deliver maximum stability and reliability. Dozens of computers work simultaneously and store your website data in all servers thus provide more protection and security against data loss or hardware failure.

In case of any server failure or failover, your website starts consuming other server resources rather than facing downtime.

It means, your site load divides into many cloud computing servers to enhance overall performance. The ultimate goal of this type of storage is ensuring availability without affecting website/applications execution.

  1. SSD Powered Cloud Hosting

Almost all the companies that offer cloud server hosting, they claim that their cloud machines are equipped with powerful and improved 20x faster SSD’s to deliver more speed.

SSD’s considerably help in improve user experience and loads your site under 1 seconds. Now if compare to traditional spinning drives, you’ll see a significant difference between both technologies. That is why it is always recommended to use web hosting having solid state drives equipped. You might know, SSD drives also run for a long time usually years.

  1. Advanced Data Protection

When it comes to data protection, no other technology has reliability than cloud. As mentioned earlier, it stores content in dozens of server simultaneously, so that provide higher safety and assurance.

If one server failovers, the cloned copy start serving instead of shutting down your website. Nowadays, you can avail inexpensive cloud under $3 to $10 per month which is insanely lowest, and anyone almost can afford it.

On top of above benefits, cloud hosting also comes with highly optimized and CMS friendly control panel for improved loading speed. Cloud provider utilizes their servers to deliver maximum speed and stability.

Before choosing any company, check their reputation, user rating, server uptime, and customer support. So, these are some points and key features of cloud computing storage and how it helps you improve websites or applications.

If you are managing a site getting massive traffic, then consider using cloud based but quality vps hosting handle all the load. Developers also can pick the best cloud host to run applications smoothly on the cloud than compared to shared hosting.

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