Are You Running A Shop Or A Boutique? 5 Tools Every Business Owner Needs To Grow His Business


As per current market trend, it’s imperative for a business to have a strong online presence. Notably, for small and medium enterprises to cope in this digital, e-commerce era, it’s necessary to work on their on-screen presence.

It is a general mindset among entrepreneurs and small business houses that digital marketing is an expensive area that requires a lot of investment. Though, as your business grows you can invest money in digital marketing, but for starters, it can be done for free too! And as you realise which aspect of digital marketing is suiting or earning for your business, you can divert your time and money accordingly.

We have coupled five such tools that’ll help to kick-start your digital game. Pay attention as they have the potential to benefit you and your business.

  1. Buzz Sumo

Content is the king, and when it comes to promoting ones business digitally, fresh and organic content plays a significant role. Plus, from the SEO perspective, your site is in a constant need of relevant content.

BuzzSumo is a useful tool that will help you find engaging and trending topic around your field. All you have to do is enter a keyword or a long tail phase in its search bar, and it’ll list most relatable and popular posts. Studying which you can draft your own content strategy.

  1. Canva

Creating an appealing visual identity is very important for business, and SMEs especially, as they have a long way to go before establishing a loyal client base. Be it your business material, like creating attractive visiting cards & Logos or posting engaging posts on Instagram and Facebook you continuously need to be on top of your game.

Canva is an amazing tool that can help you with all your designing needs & saves you from burning hole in your pocket by hiring a professional designer. And when we say ‘all’, we mean everything from logo designing to social media posts to business material to even banners and posters. It has a vast template library that is constantly updated by professional designers. Users can easily select any layout and personalise online with Canva’s user-friendly tools.

  1. Hootsuite

To have social media presence on different platforms is one thing and managing them appropriately is another. HootSuite is a fantastic tool that helps manage all your social media platforms from one place.

The free version comes with 30 day trial period, and lets you integrate three platforms. You can later take a suitable plan and manage, schedule, track, and even enjoy content curation of your social media account at breeze with HootSuite.

  1. Boomerang

Email marketing is a useful tool for SMEs and is even used by big business houses without a miss (which proves its worth). Boomerang is a unique tool that not only helps you create but also manages your email marketing. It further comes with add-on features like report, help and support options.

What makes it different is its Boomerang effect that sends you back an email that you haven’t gotten a reply from the recipient, thus helping you with the follow-up. We highly recommend it for SMEs interested in email marketing.

  1. Wistia

Videos play an essential role in business marketing strategy. Wistia is one of the best tools that you can use to customise videos, video SEO, build brand awareness and generate leads. If you have A video ready, then you can simply upload it on Wistia and let the professionals do their job to best market your video in the best possible way. Startups and SMEs can use this professional video hosting service and use it for their advantage.

Winding Up


These were few of the many awesome tools available online that startups and SMEs can use. Now, while some are free, others may cost a little, but will surely give you higher returns on the initial investment. Remember, to opt for tools that best suit your business nature and keep patience, as things won’t change overnight but only with consistent efforts.

Best of Luck!!