Asterisk PBX – Excellent Communication

One of the most important factors for a business to succeed is excellent communication. Yes, excellent communication between the business and their customers. If you notice, most businesses will provide a phone number for the customers to easily keep in touch with them. However, if one will still spend money just to contact a company they want to hire, this might make them think twice.

That said, it would be best if there is a way for your customers to contact your business without having to spend money. This is where VOIP comes in. VOIP is already a common tool these days especially that almost all parts of the world is already reached by the internet. This is one way of communication using an internet connection and though there are times when you need to spend money here, most of the time, this is just free or you only pay the regular internet monthly dues.

There are now so many providers of VOIP worldwide and if you happen to be running your business in Dubai, you should be able to enjoy the VOIP service of Office PBX. Their PBX phone is integrated with asterisk PBX which is open source-based software. This innovative software covers all the functions expected from a traditional PBX.

You can say that for businesses, Asterisk PBX is indeed a breakthrough and what every business should have. This supports IP SIP and IAX among others with the protocols. It also supports a number of important communication features such as voice mail, conference calls, voice applications and more.

Yes, if you are running your own business, Asterisk solutions should be what you need. So give Office PBX a call now and learn more about this software. At the same time, you can also inquire on how to enjoy this advanced service.