What is Digital Marketing Pricing

Digital marketing is simply marketing in the digital realm.  Although this type of marketing has many similarities to traditional marketing; there are also many features which only exist within the digital realm.

The best way to approach digital marketing is to understand that it includes SEO marketing, content creation, social media profiling and even digital advertising and branding.  Anything which references, promotes, or even looks at your products and service must be considered a form of marketing.  Digital marketing is an essential part of running a business.  However, because it is a complex area it is advisable to use the services of a professional firm.

Of course, using the services of a professional digital marketing firm will lead to the question of how is the digital marketing pricing structure calculated?  You will want to know the price of the service you are receiving before you commit to it.  Unfortunately, this is a complex area and can vary depending upon the level of support you require.

Choose the Support Level

You will need to decide how much support is appropriate for your business before you can calculate the digital marketing pricing.  Options for digital marketing, which will affect the overall price you are charged, include:

  • Social media profiling – this involves monitoring the social media channels and adding or adjusting posts if it appears to be moving in your favor.
  • Content writing – this is a skill provided by professional writers and allows them to create articles based round keywords which are relevant to your business. By building the incidences of a certain key word within a marketing campaign you will create a variety of links to your site and the service you offer.
  • SEO – this is the process by which a professional will attempt to boost your ratings within the search engine rankings. The higher you appear in the search results the more likely it is that your site will be visited by people searching for your specific products.

Digital Marketing Pricing

The other factor which must be considered is the digital marketing pricing structure you have been offered.  There are several items to be aware of before you decide which the right price level for your digital marketing campaign is.

  • Individual digital marketing experts will charge the highest rates. However, it is worth noting that the highest hourly rate charged by these experts is approximately $275.  A newcomer to the industry will be substantially less as they are looking to build a reputation and attract many more customers.  In general the more experience an individual has the more they will charge.
  • Agencies are a completely different issue. There appears to be no logic regarding the digital marketing pricing structure used by an agency.  They are generally comparable rates to individual experts but do offer the additional benefit of several staff which can look after individual needs simultaneously.
  • You will need to decide whether your chosen agent is offering strategy as well as digital marketing. Strategy adds a substantial amount to the digital marketing pricing rate of a firm or individual.

It is best to set your acceptable budget and select your preferred digital marketing agency based on this figure.  You can always adjust the numbers or the firm at a later date!