Augmented Reality Company Silver Solutions Outpaces the Future of App Development

Nowadays digital market grows rapidly, and people can hardly ever imagine their lives without gadgets and digital devices. Augmented reality and virtual reality have practically taken over real world, which led to their integration of almost all spheres of business and industries: healthcare, education, military industry, architecture, tourism, advertising and trade.  As we know, demand is generating supply. And for the last five years the market size of AR and VR has significantly increased. According to the statistics provided by Statista, in 2013 AR market comprised 60 million users, while in 2018 it’s expected to grow to 200 million users. The forecast for the global augmented reality and virtual reality market size for 2022, shows growth up to $209,2 billion. AR application development increases mainly due to advancement in internet connectivity, Android and iOS smartphone penetration and computer technology progress.    Augmented reality company in Canada, Silver Solutions moves with the times, moreover it outpaces it, providing a wide range of services and innovative solutions.

Augmented reality application development for Android and iOS devices

Augmented reality developers, Apple and Google launched their own smartphone-driven AR platforms, ARKit and ARCore, for iOS and Android gadgets consequently. As competition is severe, each step in augmented reality iPhone app development leads to response of augmented reality Android app development providers and vice-versa. Applications development is an extremely good idea of making money, nevertheless the first things you should think of as app provider are good marketing, freemium mode and demo-version, as for today most of consumers just don’t want to buy a “cat in a sack”, so they choose paid AR apps in which they are sure. After they get access to all content and features, when the time comes to update the app, users need to pay once more. And this is one of examples, how AR companies can implement the strategy of earning money. Augmented reality programming is not only for entertaining. Such developers as Google Vuzix, Microsoft and other are working to bring augmented reality to us in eyeglass form. Glasses and headsets give you a full-color vision and create holograms to increase the effect of interaction.

What should you know before choosing augmented reality app development company

Digital technologies can change the way you look at the world, augmented reality and virtual reality are not the ghosts of science fiction movies anymore. Nevertheless, many people find these to terms confusing, thinking that these two terms mean just the same. AR and VR are used for the most innovative solutions and it’s essential to know the difference. Augmented reality is a mix of the real and virtual worlds. Within this tech people can interact with both worlds and easily distinguish one from another. Augmented reality enters your life due to smartphone apps. Virtual reality creates virtual world and it’s really hard to differentiate, what is virtual, what is real. In other words, an effect of full immersion, achieved by using headsets and glasses.

Augmented reality app development company from Canada, will guide you throw the worlds of augmented and virtual realities, providing innovative approaches and solutions for your business strategy.