Avoid spam and other problems using temporary email accounts

There is no doubt that email has been and continues to be an indispensable network service. Although hundreds of instant messaging applications are emerging, email is always needed; whether to register at a site or to receive bank reports.

However, when we make a new record on a page, our email becomes part of an unknown database on which we do not know whether or not they comply with certain privacy policies, so it is not strange to start receiving spam emails after such registration. On the other hand, sometimes we need an email to create another account where we have already registered before.

In both cases, the most effective solution is to use a temporary email account.

How to create your own temporary email account?

Previously it was necessary to have a computer to create accounts of this type. But now with services like en.correotemporal.net it is also possible to do it from mobile devices regardless of their operating system (Android, iOS, Windows). The most interesting thing is that apart from being functional, it is a completely free application.

You do not need to download or activate anything, just by entering the web and selecting the “Create your temporary mail” button you will have the opportunity to create as many temporary emails as you need through any phone, tablet or computer.

You can make use of the same temporary email account while you have opened the web page of the service, displaying on screen your respective inbox which will be refreshed every few seconds automatically. Once you close and open the page again, the system will generate a different email address.

As we already mentioned, using this tool is ideal to avoid junk mail or spam; but also, it will help you prevent attempts to steal data (pishing), manage subscriptions or activate other accounts.