Best Features of the Top Driveway Motion Sensors

Motion detectors and similar security equipment have seen a sudden increase in sales over the years. But with everything doing online, it can be difficult to evaluate and distinguish the right choice for your home or office. While some motion sensors come with a wider scanning area, others bring longer battery life. So, here are the best features to look for in some of the highest quality motion detectors.

No False Alarms

A good quality sensor will not alert the user when something as small as a falling leaf passes it. If your sensor picks up the things it is meant to and not the thing it isn’t, you have yourself a great device. For example, driveway motion sensor are supposed to pick up on vehicles that break its beam, not a wandering deer or an inquisitive raccoon. False alarms are a big no-no for those customers looking for the best.Image result for Best Features of the Top Driveway Motion Sensors

Accurately Detecting Magnetic Fields

Most motion detectors come with magnetic sensors built into the device, but they can often deliver inaccurate readings. Top of the line models should come with a separate wand that needs to be buried up to 12 inches in the earth. Any vehicle that passes within 15 feet of the sensor will activate the magnetic detector and send a signal to the transmitter and then to the receiver in the home.

A Powerful Receiver

Nowadays motion detectors come with wireless transmitters that run on AA batteries and receivers that do so as well. But it’s the best ones that bring added features like indicators that inform the user when the battery level is running low or LED’s that alert the user of a passing vehicle when the volume is lowered at night.

Long Range Sensors

People who install motion detectors look for performance. The cheaper products usually have a very short range of reading (somewhere between 100-200 feet). This means that the time to go from the sensor to the house is shortened. The best detectors come with a range anywhere from 250-350+ feet which provide ample amount of time to the users to alert the authorities.

Adjustable Volume

Many motion sensor manufacturers don’t find it important to actually include a volume regulator on the receiver for whatever reason. But having an adjustable receiver ensures that the users are not frightened during a quiet night when the sensor picks up on a vehicle passing by. Users can lower the volume when they are at home or at night and can increase the volume when they are out so that the neighbors can hear it in case there is an intrusion.

Unbelievably Easy Installation

One might think that the more expensive a gadget, the harder it would be to set up. But that isn’t the case – at least not with motion detectors. A top of the line detector would be extremely easy to set up and use. There are far fewer wires and cables that need to be attached (if any) as compared to the cheaper models. With wireless technology, the installation process only gets easier and faster.