Best Idle/Incremental Games For Android

Idle Heroes

A perfect incremental game that would be proceeding and improving even while you are not playing. Idle Heroes is like a plant that constantly growing even when you are away from it. Yes, it will be done gradually but you can turn into a giant gamer after sometime. You send your heroic warriors in battle campaigns and let them take care of the rest. You do not have to participate actively, just a little bit of time every day or once a while and that’s all it will take. Show your opponents how good decision maker you are because rather than testing your reflexes it will test your decision making power. So get ready to start this idle adventure in a really light and calm manner.

Tap Titans 2

In this clash of titans and monsters, you need to make your way by recruiting some real heroes. These heroes will save the day by fighting against the both. You can also get recruit some real powerful and strong monsters so your army can be get a ferocious reputation. Gather items and play at your best to make it to end.

An interesting tap game with full of thrill.

Almost a Hero

It’s one of the best Android idle games with some real extra ordinary story line. Almost a Hero is about 11 losers who gonna get on the journey towards glory. In the search of glory, they will face some challenges while passing through 3 worlds. A real inspiring game that is a motivation for everyone which is not really great but dream of becoming a legend. It shows how struggle can lead you towards greatness. With time you will train your heroes and ultimately they will become really incredible and extra ordinary. A real unique approach towards clicker games.

Endless Frontier Saga

Your fire is against one of most dangerous villain known as prince of darkness whom you gonna fight by leading your army of knights. But the army not gonna consists of similarly trained soldiers but some real time individual’s heroes. How individual they can be well it depends. There are 130+ of them and you can choose the one you want most or want least. I mean getting your army into the right proportion will make you victorious conqueror. Along with many heroes there are 50 creatures you can use also. A far more interesting RPG than any other modern Game you have ever played.