Best Mobile Devices for Sports Betting

Online sports betting has revolutionized the sportsbook industry, making it easier than ever for gamblers to wager on their favorite teams to win. While it is currently legal in 14 American states, online sports betting looks set to grow, with at least six states having pending legislation. During the pandemic lockdowns, gambling online was bettors’ only option.

While online betting initially required users to have a computer, it is now optimized for mobile use via easy-to-use apps. Here are some of the best mobile devices for sports betting:

Apple iPhone

Newer generation iPhones come with more storage space and longer battery life than their predecessors. Using a sports betting app on these phones is convenient, and there are many to choose from in the App Store. With more time between charging sessions, these iPhones allow users to place bets and live stream the games they wagered on without worrying about their cellphone dying. Apple’s cutting-edge technology has given it a competitive edge over other cellphone providers, with many users refusing to contemplate another phone. Apple rewards this brand loyalty with phones that meet their users’ needs, although they have a hefty price tag attached to them.


OnePlus runs on a unique operating system called OxygenOS, which is based on Android 9. While skeptics did not think OxygenOS could compete with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, it has captured a significant market share among cellphone users. The 7 Pro phone allows users to enable a Fnatic Mode that devotes more of its CPU to open apps. With this singular approach, OnePlus’s 7 Pro will remain wholly focused on the sports betting app, meaning bettors will not miss out on any opportunities caused by sluggish cellphone performance to place their wagers. Many OnePlus 7 Pro owners opt to take SIM-only plans once their contract expires because the phone handles all their needs.


Samsung’s Galaxy range, including the S10 Plus and Note10 Plus, operates on Android and has enough CPU processing speed and storage space to prevent freezing or time delays. Arguably the producer of one of the world’s best 5G phones, Samsung has cornered the market with its S-pen technology that users find convenient compared with tiny buttons, where clumsy fingers make many mistakes. Another advantage of Samsung mobile phones is their size, with larger screens making it easier to select options accurately and enjoy live streaming sports events.