Best SEO services in India decoded

India has always been a country that is a hub for a lot of innovative ideas. It is a country that encourages businesses, startups and more the same way. Over the years, India as a country has seen great development in technology as well.

This technological development has led businesses to grow leaps and bounds. Complimenting this rise is SEO services India that have been backing businesses to grow and make their niche.

Based on the growing demand, the magnitude of business operations and the purpose of the business, SEO services in India are broadly categorized into the following three types:

Regular/Local SEO: This is by far the most widely and commonly used SEO service in India. As the name says it’s the SEO services that almost every business that exists and operates in India avails. This SEO type focuses on building a business’ digital visibility. This SEO type can be called the past of SEO services i.e. this was how SEO was when it all started.

ECommerce SEO: This SEO service can be called the present status of SEO. eCommerce SEO revolves around creating SEO services for businesses that are into online selling. The focus of eCommerce SEO is to increase website hits to generate a sale. This SEO is more dynamic, goal-driven and targeted. This SEO type is called the present because currently, the digital world has become an online bazaar. A place where businesses buy and sell almost everything.

Global SEO: With the digital world, businesses have realized that there no boundaries to grow and expand. Thus, for business, the digital world offers global markets. However, to penetrate, create a niche and sustain your business in the global market calls for an expert SEO which is called Global SEO. In a Global SEO Package, SEO agencies focuses on creating a strategy that caters to different regions targeting different cultured customers and diverse competition. The SEO focuses on creating an SEO strategy that can change colors region wise.

The above being three main categories of SEO services in India, the common thread that holds all of them are the SEO elements. However, these elements change their color and dynamics based on what type of SEO you are doing. The key elements of the SEO are:

  1. Competitor analysis to understand what the competitors are doing in the digital space and what is there presence like
  2. Website analysis an understanding of what and how should the website look and function.
  3. Keyword research an understanding of the magic words that would help the business crawl the search engine.
  4. On-page optimization to make the digital presence technically strong to make the business visible in search
  5. Content creation and marketing to create that engaging, interesting and optimized content that creates a brand image and also sales.
  6. Link building the process of creating business connections through third party mentions.

The above-mentioned elements are tweaked to create that perfect SEO package for business. In other words, the above six elements are tweaked based on the client’s requirement to create that perfect customized SEO package.