Bulletstorm Review

How many different ways can you kill a person? – This is the question you will be asking yourself 20 minutes in to playing Bulletstorm.As you are probably aware, game reviews take a look over the important elements to a game, and let you know if it is worth playing. So, let’s begin the review.

You take on the role of Grayson Hunt, a mercenary with a group of men named Dead Echo working for a shady character named Sarrano. Soon in to the opening level you realize that everything is not as it appears and Sarrano has had you carrying out his own dirty work.

The majority of the campaign is played in co-op format with the computer taking control of your partner in crime named Ishi who, after nearly facing death, was repaired using robotic parts and computer chips. The dialogue between Grayson and Ishi is meant to be very tongue in cheek but it does leave you thinking that the designers could have spent a little extra time and thought in to the script.

The action sequences by far make up for the lack of intellectual dialogue throughout the game. Early on you acquire a whip like laser leash that is attached to you hand, you can use this to grab objects or grab enemies thus flinging them in to various deadly items on the levels. Doing such things earn you skill shots for which points are awarded, this leaves you trying to find even more creative ways in which to kill your enemies.

Points can be used at regular points throughout the levels to buy upgrades for existing weapons that you have acquired, get more ammo, upgrades / special moves for the leash.

One funky part of the game comes when you first obtain a sniper rifle, the bullet that is comes out of the barrel is controlled using the right toggle stick. This bullet needs to be guided towards the enemy, if it falls to far out of view from the enemy then the shot will fail and you will need to try again. A word of warning, if the enemy is near cover then it can be slightly difficult to curve the bullet to get a kill shot.

The guns and ammo throughout are plentiful leaving you well needed time to use your imagination to kill enemies in new way. A combination of kicking the enemy which then puts them in to slow motion, then grabbing them with your leash and blasting their brains out just as they get close is fun no matter how many times you repeat the procedure.

Mini bosses appear on a regular basis, usually in the form a mini-gunner, you will get special rewards for shooting him until dazed, then sneaking behind him and kicking him up the back side!

Overall, Bullestorm is on that should not be missed and will provide any gamer with hours of fun. Pick up your copy today!Rumor has it that Bulletstorm 2 might appear sometime in the future on PS5 or Xbox 2, possibly even as an exclusive title – how awesome would that be? For now, though, this is a game worth playing since it has high entertainment value.