Can You Only Seek Compensation For Medical Injuries In A Car Accident?

Car accidents can be brutal and terrifying. They usually occur because of the negligent practices of some drivers that violate traffic regulations through ways such as driving under the influence, texting and playing games instead of focusing on the road, and exceeding the speeding limit—which results in severe damages for the victim. 

The law ensures that victims do not suffer because of the at-fault driver’s misconduct. Consult an experienced Fort Wayne car accident lawyer that enables you to understand and protect your rights. They also help you determine what compensation you are entitled to seek. 

Is the compensation only limited to medical injuries?

Victims may suffer from extensive medical injuries because of an accident. These may range from sprains and fractures to internal bleeding and brain damage. They incur several medical expenses because of the hospital visits, diagnostic tests, medications, surgeries, and other rehabilitation procedures they require to recover. These are expensive, and the compensation covers all past and future medical expenses that result from the accident. However, the compensation is not limited to medical injuries and compensates the victim for their physical, psychological, and financial losses. 

What other compensation can you seek after a car accident?

  • Property damage: Accidents cause a forceful impact on your vehicles that can lead to excessive damage to it and valuable property inside it. The compensation recovers the repairs and replacement costs of the property damaged because of the negligent driver’s actions. 
  • Lost income: Intense injuries may prevent the victim from performing their job, which results in a loss of livelihood. They are compensated for the income they lost during the period the injury prevents them from working. In cases of long-term injuries, they can seek compensation for loss of future earning capacity. 
  • Pain and suffering: Accidents can be traumatizing for the parties involved. The physical and mental state of victims suffers. Many of them develop symptoms of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder that degrade their quality of life. They are compensated for their emotional distress. 
  • Punitive damages: In some cases, victims are also awarded punitive damages when it is proven that the at-fault driver acted out of gross negligence or malice. 

It is challenging to understand the total extent of the damages you have suffered and evaluate a fair claim without the guidance of a lawyer in Fort Wayne. They have helped several clients in the past and are aware of the best way to calculate it fairly and ensure that you receive your rightful compensation.