How an Employer can Create a Friendly Work Environment to Avoid Disputes

We all are aware of the fact that harassment and discrimination are illegal matters and an employee can file a lawsuit against a colleague, staff or management. He has rights as per employment laws to take action if things are not right at the workplace. All he can do is get in touch with a Connecticut employment law attorney and discuss if he has a valid case. In case, the matter is to be dealt with legally, the employer may have to suffer the damages. That’s why, it is important to define certain guidelines to avoid disputes in the workplace.

Laying out various policies 

To create an amicable environment within the office, the employer should lay out anti-discriminatory and anti-harassment policies in the office. It is not enough unless you make all employees aware of these guidelines. They should be well-informed about what to follow, how to follow and what the consequences will be if they fail to follow. Everyone in the company should follow these policies including top-level management. Employees should feel safe at the workplace because they spend more time in the office than at home.

Training and awareness 

All employees should be made to attend training sessions about discrimination, harassment at different levels, wages and promotions, measurable timelines and other parameters to assess their performance. They should know that they would get what they deserve in an unbiased manner. No one should seek promotions or perks out of the way. The awareness should be proper and clear so that they not only know about it but also try to improve their performance to become deserving candidates for promotions. During these sessions, they should also be taught to respect people from all religions, races and nationalities.

Disciplinary actions 

Everyone in the organization must know what disciplinary actions will be taken if they fail to obey the employment laws. These actions should be based on state laws and mentioned in the handbook for employees to which they should have easy access. Employees should know the proper way of filing complaints along with the point of contact. This will help them if someone has mistreated them within the company. It is also a good idea to designate someone who handles such cases and he can contact employees on a regular basis to know if everything is smooth within the organization.

Whenever there is any case in the company, the management should take action without any delay.