Classic WoW – Items to Find in Zul’Gurub

You can find a number of popular raids within Classic WoW, but there aren’t many more popular than Zul’Gurub. This tropical area is filled with deadly enemies, but also with rewarding loot for you to obtain. The latter is a massive attraction to many players, which keeps them coming back when earning WoW Classic gold and much more. There are certain World of Warcraft items that you will especially want to look into, which we will discuss within this following list. 

Punctured Voodoo Dolls

There is a chance of you and your party coming across purple skulls, that have the chance of offering you one of the most popular WoW Classic items in the area in the form of the Punctured Voodoo Doll. The reason that these are a common goal for players to seek out is that you can take them to an NPC and get yourself a powerful enchantment if you please.

However, there is another use for it. There is an explanation if you look at the doll further, you get the choice of a boss, an alchemical secret and a special event that alternates each week. By indulging in such activities, you can get a powerful trinket to add to your inventory. 

Different Coins

Everybody loves coins, right? Well you can be rewarded for your grinding efforts here. This is because the trolls that inhabit this area offer up a whole bunch of different coins that you can get regardless of which faction you have sided with. 

One goal is to gain rep with the Zandalari Trolls. This can be done by taking the coins to Yojamba Isle, where you can increase your favour with the Trolls. 


You can use Bijous in a similar fashion to how you did with the coins. However, they don’t quite work in the same way. Normally, you would have used the coins to grant yourself reputation. This time, you are going to use these WOW Classic items to transform them into Zandalar Honor Tokens. 

These can then be used as a form of currency, which are taken in by the reputation vendor based on the island. Depending on what your reputation is at, you can exchange them for certain WoW Classic items. 

Nat’s Measuring Tape

If you haven’t been focusing on fishing, then you probably should be to make the most of some Classic WoW items here. One example is for Nat’s Measuring Tape, which comes from Nat Pagle. He is renowned for being associated with angling, and the tape would be highly appreciated by Nat if you bring it to him in Dustwallow Marsh. 

By doing so, you will learn the ways of how to summon one of the hardest bosses to find in the area in the form of Gahz’ranka. 

Mudskunk Fish

The secret Nat tells you is only half the journey when it comes to summoning Gahz’ranka. So if you want to lure this boss out, then another vital Classic WoW item from the area is the rank Mudskunk Fish. Thankfully, catching them shouldn’t be too taxing as we will have received the Mudskunk Lure from Nat in exchange for the Measuring Tape.

Once you have reached the spawn areas for the dreaded Mudskunk Fish, you will need to catch five of them. After this, they can be combined with the lure to finally attract the attention of the boss you have been looking for. 

Primal Hakkari Gear

Earlier, we discussed the matter of reputation with a certain tribe in this area. Well, there are also different vendors on the island depending on what class you are too. This will give you the chance to get special gear for your class, once again relevant to the reputation that you have acquired. 

If you manage to find the specific gear, then you can take it to the vendor that will help your class to upgrade your Zul’Gurub gear, which can come in very handy. 

Blood Scythes

If you are a Herbalist, then you will definitely be interested to hear that you can obtain a Blood Scythe in Zul’Gurub. However, to do so you will have to sift through mysterious piles throughout the dungeon within. 

Once you have found it, the Herbalist will be told that they have to roll for it by the raid leader. So, it’s something to keep in mind if this is something of interest to you. 

Heart of Hakkar

Don’t let first impressions fool you. Though it may look like a trinket, you will find upon further inspection that there is in fact some use to the Heart of Hakkar. It can only be used once, which is to trade it for a legit trinket. 

If you win the roll, it can be very useful for those casting spells. It can be of use to different classes, though this will be decided amongst your peers. 

Primal Hakkari Idol

Circling back to Primal Hakkari items, this along with the Punctured Voodoo Doll can be brought to Zanza the Restless, who we will be discussing shortly. The enchant that you will receive can help you greatly, though how it helps depends on what class you are. 

It isn’t something you have to rush however. You could always keep the enchant to use on your gear whenever you like, so if you want to explore the area more for decent loot then you are able to do so. 

Zanza the Restless

As we just mentioned, you need to find Zanza the Restless in order to gain the enchant that you desire. Finding this NPC isn’t exactly subtle though, and you will need to make sure that you have the World of Warcraft Classic items that we discussed above. 

In order to find the NPC, you will have to take a look at the pyramids. You will find Zanza on top of one of the structures, though you can only speak to him at a certain instance within the raid, so keep that in mind.

Have you managed to find any of these WoW Classic items? Let us know in the comments section below!