Creative use of technology to maintain community spirit and how professional translation can help with this

how professional website translation can help with this

The importance of websites and learning platforms

Websites and learning platforms have been pivotal during the recent COVID-19 pandemic in helping maintain community spirit. With the closure of schools, colleges and universities, educational establishments have had to use technology to maintain contact with children and young people. Clubs and societies have also used technology to connect and communicate with members. The use of websites and learning platforms have been essential in supporting our communities and have been advantageous for a number of reasons, including:

  • Providing education

Teachers and educationalists are uploading work, sharing videos and sharing comments online. This has helped keep children and students engaged and motivated. Online lessons are allowing students to see one another, reducing any feelings of isolation.  They also allow for questions, discussion and immediate feedback.

  • Providing reassurance to the community

Emails are a quick and easy way to contact lots of people simultaneously and help provide useful information and signposting to support. Many clubs and educational establishments have also set up community pages, allowing members to share and upload work and videos. Forums and blogs are used to keep people updated, informed and helps them feel supported and reassured that we are all in this together.

  • Allowing people to stay in touch

Of course people have social media to stay in contact with others but these educational and club websites have provided safe and secure platforms for maintaining contact and support. Fostering the sense of belonging to keep up morale has been important these last few months.

Evaluation and improvement

Now, as we are coming through this situation, we need to be prepared for the eventuality of another similar scenario. We now need to evaluate our online community to date. We should find what worked well, what we should maintain and what we could improve. Did we meet the needs of all our community? Were there any groups who could not access our online services and why was it? We live in multilingual societies. Did we provide website content, blogs and forums accessible to all? Could we have reached more people by providing content in community languages? is an online translation agency providing translation in many language combinations. They can provide professional translation of your website content to ensure that you are reaching all your target audience at reasonable prices. Whether you are a school with many speakers of community languages or a university with many international students, you can contact via their online platform for a quick and immediate price quotation. provides translation in a vast number of language combinations including less-commonly spoken languages. Moreover, offers fast translation turnaround if necessary. It could be that you need a message translated quickly and require either same day or overnight translation, as it is important to communicate any important information with all communities simultaneously. As an online translation agency, has a team of translators worldwide and operates 24/7, so fast translation is not a problem. Furthermore, there is no minimum number of words so even short messages can be professionally translated by Website translation also requires a certain amount of technical expertise; it is important that any translated text is placed on the correct webpage to ensure that your audience can find information on your website quickly and easily, without any frustration. For this reason, will assign a professional with website experience to your translation request. Website translation could help you reach and support a much wider number of people more effectively. More information about website translation may be found at: