Despite What You’ve Been Reading, Vaping Can Actually Prevent Fires

Vaping has always been condemned as a habit that leads to health hazards. However, most of the research that led to this misconception cannot be verified through scientific proof.

It should be emphasized that vaping entails the inhaling of vapor through an e-cigarette. This should not be confused with other ways of smoking as many people who are against vaping, term it. Smoking involves smoke that is hazardous to the people in public unlike vaping where only the person inhaling enjoys the vapor from e-liquid.

Research from the firefighters in London has condemned cigarette smoking for leading to a high number of fires in homes and public places leading to loss of lives. On the other hand, the firefighters have encouraged the use of vaping as a way to reduce the fire hazards and loss of property through smoking-related fires. In the firefighters’ statement, they urged the public health authority to encourage the use of the e-cigarette to combat the high level of smokers who potentially pose a risk of fire outbreaks. They noted that e-cigarette who ensure that risky smokers would opt to vaping that poses minimal risks.

Statistics on Smoke Fire

The PHE organization has launched a campaign to encourage the use of e-cigarette and halt the use of smoking. The move has been supported by a vendor grout known as IBVTA, which is a vape trade association. It should be noted from the firefighters that more than 50% of fire deaths in homes are as a result of smoking. In a statement, the chair of the firefighters noted that in the recent past they have experienced above three thousand and five hundred cases of smoking fires compared to just fifteen cases that are anticipated to be caused by e-cigarettes.

Research on vaping as compared to smoking

Vaping has been verified through research that it is less harmful than smoking. One study states that due to the absence of fire in the e-cigarette and thus no combustion, there are no new toxic elements are inhaled. This study showed clearly that smoking is more harmful due to the combustion that led to newly concentrated toxins that are inhaled and others left in the air. The study concluded that vaping is much safer compared to the tobacco cigarette smoking.

Another research that was conducted in the same year states that in comparison to a similar sample of smoke from the tobacco cigarette, the toxins level in the vapor was more than four hundred times lower than the tobacco cigarette. The research recommended that smokers should be assisted and advised to quit the habit and use vaping as the new habit.

A study that was conducted in an indoor air quality argued that smokers contaminate the air of the surrounding with toxic greatly while on the other hand, the vapor does not at all pose any risk to the surrounding air. It should be concluded from all the research that vaping is not as harmful as portrayed by the fictitious researchers.

Coffee and Vaping on Addiction

A college of physicians known as Royal conducted an analysis of vapor and coffee. The research resulted that on the notion of addition, coffee contained more than twenty elements of addictive stimulants. They noted that coffee has never been termed as harmful because people believe that the levels of the toxics presence are very minimal. This was also proven to be the case in the e-cigarette research where toxics that may be released are also very low and unlikely to cause any long-term harmful hazards.

Vaping has been proven to assist addicted smokers to quit smoking. It is the less harmful way to halt the habit of smoking. The flavors and less straining of the lungs during inhaling will make a smoker’s life more enjoyable.