How Google Play Store Benefits Android Users

If you are an Android user, you must have used Google Play Store extensively. Not only games, but you can download numerous apps, e-books and widgets. From beauty apps to cooking apps, you can get all at Google Play Store. If users follow simple tips to manage the settings and configurations of their smart phone, you can get much better options to download and manage the options of the app which can be of great use.

Today, you will get information about how Google Play Store benefits the users. To use it, you will need an Android phone.

  • You Can Restrict Purchases by Passwords

To activate this restriction function, open the Google Play Store settings and select password. Restrict your purchases with any password you like. If you have children in your house this feature is very helpful. Also, this ensures the security of your Google wallet. If the Android device is used by many users, this feature is quite effective.

  • Filters Adult Content

It is true that there are several apps on Google Play Store which are especially made for adults only. The gambling apps, violence or adult humor are there. But, on Google Play Store, those can be filtered as per adult maturity. If you want to hide these things from your children, you can easily filter by changing the title of such things from the setting section of Google Play Store. You just need to select content filtering and pick appropriate maturity level.

  • Controlling Device Is Easy

With the latest update of Google Play Store Version 3.2.25, an advanced app has been introduced. That is known as Android Device Manager. The main benefit of this app is to control your device remotely. Through this app, you can-

  • Lock your device
  • Delete all data inside your phone
  • Track your phone if it is stolen or misplaced

What you need to do is to go the Google Play Store and click the Gear icon. Then you can use the Device Manager icon.

  • Change the Look of Your Android

Yes, this is an exclusive advantage of Google Play Store. If you are using it for the first time, you can find several strong launchers which can change the entire look of your android phone.

Here are certain advantages of Google Play Store that are exclusive and can only be used by the users of Android phones. For further information, you can click the link