Develops vs. Designers. What is the difference?

Distinguishing between web developers and web designers

The success of a web based project depends on how good the team of web designers and web developers perform. Often you would find that projects are handled, not by a team but individuals who don the robe of both designers and developers. This leads people to believe that the job of web designers and web developers are one and the same. On the contrary, web designers and web developers are two entirely different job profiles that have only one thing in common – the web. Otherwise, there is very little in common between the functions of the two professionals. Both of them work for successful launching of web projects, with each contributing in a different way from the other, but their contributions taken together constitute the end product.

The upper and lower layers

The web design that is displayed on websites is based on the solid foundation of web development.  What is seen on the screen forms the upper surface of websites and it is the responsibility of web designers to make it look attractive and interesting. Beneath the visuals is the foundation of website that is developed by web developers who know the technology that can drive the web site to display the designs and graphics in the most user friendly manner. The complex mechanics of driving websites is all that matters to web developers.

Chalk and cheese

There is a complex programming and a whole lot of computer science working behind the scenes of a running website. People are more pleased to see the visual display and rarely think about what lies beneath. Had they done it, they would have discovered what huge work developers have to do to create the foundation of a website upon which the web designers, like architects, build the super structure that catches the eye.  While codes and programming drive the developers, the designers are more like visual artists who are skilled in adding aesthetic value to websites. Web developers are different from web designers as much as chalk and cheese.

Different personalities

Developers and designers are two different personalities altogether with respect to their profession. It is the responsibility of web developers to conceptualize websites by interacting with clients to understand their needs in the right perspective. They should have a receptive mind, a lot of patience with good listening skill and be able to analyze facts and figures so as to reach to the bottom of the client’s mind. On the other hand, web designers are an optimistic lot with loads of artistic skills and have a very persistent nature, never to give up till the client is completely satisfied.

Different roles

Developers typically focus on layouts that are user friendly and take care of maintenance of websites to ensure that it is always up and running. Designers have highly creative instincts and create web layouts, plan all schemas and relational databases and plan the layout of web pages to display contents emphatically.

The people who perform the dual role are truly exceptions as they posses all the varied skill sets that the two roles demand.