Small Businesses Should Only Go With A Legitimate SEO Company

Search engine optimization is just as important today as it was when first debuting. How could it not be? People searching the internet for a business are going to be most impressed by the companies with websites on the first couple of pages of Google. In a way, they are impressed by default. It is hard to be impressed by a company that no one knows about. Being buried way down in the Google page rankings is the equivalent to being banished to the netherworld of online promotions. Nobody knows your name.

A solid search engine optimization company can do a lot for those who wish to generate a decent online presence. New small business owners absolutely do need to maintain a solid presence online. Even the newest small business owner realizes this. What he or she may not realize is working with a professional service is a must. Less-than-desirable services might be selling awful SEO “strategies” that do little more than cause dire problems.

The Old Link Building Plan

Today, SEO work must be performed in a more deliberate and careful manner. Not too long ago, link building alone was enough to move a website up the rankings. This opened the door to selling links and selling them in a ridiculous amount.

Around 15 years ago, buying hundreds of links was all that was needed to garner a good ranking in the search engines. This would be a horrible strategy today. Google would invariably punish any website that was connected to 500 links appearing on link farms overnight. The site probably would be de-indexed — dropped — from the search engine.

Sadly, there are still link sellers out there. They target those who simply do not know how treacherous a plan buying and selling links really is. Take this as a reason, one of many, to stick with a reputable search engine development service. A top San Francisco SEO company with a great reputation in the business is not likely to steer clients wrong.

Knowing the Rules

Google is very serious about the integrity of its rankings. The company does not want people searching for credible websites coming across a lot of “spammy and junky” websites. When the rules for moving a website up into the top of the search engine rankings are weak, then very dubious quality websites can game the system. Google has instituted rules to make this less likely.

The rules are not static and are always open to review and changes. If the rules were static, then scammers would be able to game the system once again. The average person who just wants to publish a website to support a new commercial business won’t know anything about these rules. A professional SEO company, however, should be up to date on all the changes.

The company would not be in business if it could not deliver on customer requests and expectations. Hence, the representatives of the company work very hard at making sure the current rules are always understood.

The Established Company

Additional, legitimate and serious companies do not try to game the system or take shortcuts. Doing so would put their business’ reputation at risk. Fly-by-night companies are not going to be concerned with such things. They have no intention of staying in business for the long-term.

Take all these points as solid reasons why choosing an established and reputable SEO company is vital to online marketing success.