Difference Between Web TV and Internet TV

Heard about both Web TV and Internet TV? Do you know, both these TV though similar are not the same? Here are the differences between the two.

Anybody who are into broadcasting videos must have come across the terminologies like Web TV and Internet TV. Though both the terms sound synonymous, they are not. Both the terms got coined not to refer a single technology, but to refer two different streams of it with some basic differences. As a result, both Web TV and Internet TV are considered suitable for different people for different reasons.

The Broadcasting

While Web television normally gets delivered through the traditional websites like YouTube and other, Internet Television which in short termed as IPTV gets delivered through an entirely separate application that works quite similar to the system of traditional TV. This indicates that, in IPTV, the shows would be broadcasted only at certain times and unlike the Web TV, won’t be made available through the day.

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How Does Web Television Work

Web Television can be described as a platform that is still in its evolving stage. Unlike the Internet TV services, Web TV is specifically aimed at the amateur video producers. In Web TV, all the shows are made available on particular sites for all time and any show can be watched just by clicking on it. The shows can also be downloaded into any portable media player, and this way the shows become available offline.

Web Television do not require any initial investment. Anyone can start the business of a Web TV just with the help of a web cam, and start recording the videos. Once recorded they can be uploaded to multiple video streaming sites on the web. In this way, the Video sharing sites would receive more and more traffic and the service would become popular in no time.

How Does IPTV Work

IPTV is the short form of the term Internet Protocol TV.  It is one of the favourite TV streaming models that is preferred by all the major network providers and broadcasters. IPTV is delivered through the Internet connection and the telecom phone lines, but it doesn’t need to use a browser. IPTV can be accessed either through a dedicated application or through a set top box that should be plugged into a PC, as an alternative.

The Internet Television is still in the process of evolution. Today most of the major networks prefer this technology because of its ability to track down which channel each viewer is watching, and receive an accurate statistic that help them improve their business.

The Final Comparison

The difference between the Web TV and Internet TV does not end with their technological aspect or even their method of broadcasting. The difference can also be observed in their users. While people who only need to watch their favourite shows to be available at any hour of the day, would go for a Web TV, service providers who want to make use of this technology as a business would prefer Internet TV, as that gives them more information on their customers and thus help in growing their business.